BROADCHURCH - Cast Your Vote On The Sandbrook Killer

The finale of Broadchurch airs tonight on ITV and after 8 weeks of speculation we're hoping for an answer to the mystery of the Sandbrook killer.

Sandbrook is the case that has haunted DI Alec Hardy after the case collapsed and his main suspect was released. Hardy has always been driven to solve the murder of Pippa Gillespie and the disappearance of her cousin Lisa Newbery. Since the close of the Danny Latimer murder, new evidence has come to light and he and Ellie Miller are determined to find the culprit.

So who out of the suspects do you think committed the crime? Let us know via the poll below.


Lee Ashworth - Hardy's main suspect. He lived next door to the Gillespies and flirted with Cate. His wife Claire says he drugged her on the night the girls went missing and she woke to find him cleaning. A pendant believed to be Pippa's was found in his car, but this is now known to be Claire's. Lee approached Hardy with new evidence.

Claire Ripley - Lee's wife, she has been in hiding in Broadchurch since the trial with Hardy protecting her, although he always thought she could be involved. She has given three different versions of the night of the killing. The pendant belonged to her and she stole it back from Tess's car. Claire has been phoning Ricky Gillespie while in hiding. She keeps a bluebell in a card that she claims was sent to her.

Ricky Gillespie - Pippa's dad, he has a couple of hours unaccounted for on the night of Pippa's death. He has been calling Claire since she went into hiding and has a picture of a bluebell wood on his office wall. He leant money to Gary Thorp, the owner of Thorp Agriservice, who dated Lisa.

Cate Gillespie - Pippa's mum. She changed her story to reveal that Ricky had not been with her during the wedding they attended the night the girls disappeared. Cate was drinking heavily that night. She seems to have had a fling with Lee and Lisa does not appear to have liked her. She did the accounts for Gary Thorp's firm.

Lisa Newbery - Although missing Lisa has never been declared dead. She seems to have resented her Aunt Cate, especially when she saw her flirting with Lee. Her phone was last traced to Portsmouth and Lee has hinted that he knows somebody in France. Could he be protecting her after Pippa died by accident?

Alec Hardy - The lead investigating officer on the case, but did he know more than he was letting on. Hardy found Pippa's body in the river and carried her out on his own, without waiting for back up. He's always been determined to point the finger at Lee. He was close enough to Claire to attend the clinic with her when she had her abortion.

Tess Henchard - The current lead on the Sandbrook investigation, she was reluctant to reopen the case when Hardy presented new evidence. Does she know something that she doesn't want to come to light?


Claire was your main suspect, with Lisa in second place and Ricky in third. You voted Alec Hardy least likely to have committed the crime

Who is the Sandbrook killer?

Lee Ashworth
Claire Ripley
Ricky Gillespie
Cate Gillespie
Lisa Newbury
Alec Hardy
Tess Henchard
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