AUDIO CLIP: David Tennant's Stunning Just A Minute Debut

On Monday evening fans will be able to tune in to BBC Radio 4 to listen to David Tennant's debut on the popular comedy game, Just A Minute.
The object of the game is to talk on a given subject for 60 seconds "without repetition, deviation or hesitation". If you do any of these things you are buzzed and you must stop talking.
The show's host, Nicholas Parsons, already had high hopes of David saying that he had a "natural delivery" which would help him in the game, but even he couldn't have predicted how well David would do.
David managed a perfect minute on the subject 'Exit, pursued by a bear' - the famous stage direction from Shakespeare's play The Winter's Tale jokingly telling the cheering audience
“Can I leave now before I ruin my record?”
David also talks about the subject of iambic pentameter, the poetic metre which is used in Richard II, which David should know a lot about given his portrayal of the role back in 2013 and about one of his least favourite things - astrology - which David says is “so fallacious as to make my skin crawl.”

Listen to a clip of the show below:

Listen to the full show on Monday at 6.30pm on BBC Radio 4