5 Broadchurch Answers That Left Us With More Questions

We're loving playing armchair detectives with the latest series of Broadchurch and it was great to get some answers to the mysteries that have plagued us since the show began, and we may be over thinking this but we've found ourselves even questioning the answers!
Here's 5 Broadchurch answers that left us with more questions from the penultimate episode..

Spoilers for episode 7 to follow...

1. The Missing Pendant Didn't Actually Belong To Pippa
The pendant that the police have been searching for and whose disappearance caused the entire collapse of the Sandbrook case may have been worn by 12 year old Pippa Gillespie on the day of her death, but it didn't belong to her.
We've watched as Alec has been left devastated by the loss of what he thought of as a vital piece of evidence, how he sacrificed his own career to cover for ex wife Tess' incompetence, and last week we were stunned to see it was Claire Ripley who broke in to Tess' car to steal it.
This week it was revealed that Claire stole it because it was her own necklace. It was given to her by her grandmother (read more about that here) and she was desperate to have it back. She had merely given it to Pippa to borrow.
The pendant is now also no longer missing after Claire stomped up to Alec in the court and snapped "You want the bloody pendant? Have it!"
Now that the pendant has been revealed to belong to Claire, her husband Lee's fingerprint on it is surely no longer evidence.
But still there are a few unanswered pendant related questions like why did Claire lend a pendant she was so desperate to get back, that she smashed her way in to a police car, to a child in the first place and why was it in Lee's vehicle if Pippa had been wearing it on the day she was killed?

2. The Sandbrook Stalker Is Revealed
When Lee Ashworth presented Alec with a collection of research he'd conducted in to the murders in a bid to clear his own name, we discovered there was a mysterious man lurking around the estate where Pippa lived for a few weeks before her death and the disappearance of Lisa. That man had been seen by several witnesses though never looked in to by the police.
Last night we discovered that the mystery man was Gary Thorp, owner of the suspiciously sinister Thorp Agri Services and that furnace.
Gary was was hanging around the estate spying on Lisa Newbury, who he was infatuated with. He told Alec ‘I used to follow her round a little bit. Stand outside where she was. I’m not proud of it.’ So could Gary be the killer / kidnapper? Probably not. He was in hospital at the time, having tried to kill himself.
The question here is why did he try to commit suicide? Was the love of his life romantically involved with another man, thus dashing his hopes of ever being with her? And does he know more than he's letting on? Had he seen something he shouldn't whilst spying on Lisa?

3. Hardy's Flashbacks Of Claire
Since Lee Ashworth told Ellie that Alec had been sleeping with his wife Claire, we were under the impression that the cop and the woman he was bending over backwards to protect had enjoyed a romantic encounter..This was further fueled by Alec's refusal to discuss the matter with Ellie and his frequent flashbacks of a dreamy Claire bathed in golden sunshine.
However it now seems that all was not as it seemed as this week we were shown Alec lying next to Claire in hospital were he was comforting her after she had undergone an abortion.
"If he ever finds out about this…" Claire fretted to a supportive Alec, however Alec is no longer feeling supportive and decided that Lee should know that Claire aborted their child. This resulted in he and Ellie almost having another murder to investigate as Lee went mental and nearly drowned Claire. So why was Alec day dreaming about Claire so much? Is he secretly pining for his key witness or is he just so obsessed at cracking the case that he can't get her off his mind?

4. The French Connection
The whole series is based on secrets and frankly we'd be surprised if anyone in Broadchurch or Sandbrook knows the meaning of the word truth but we now know that Lee and Claire both have secrets about each other that they don't want anyone else to know. Their marriage is also all but over and Lee is planning on heading back to France once more...
As Claire asks "What's so special about France" Lee tells her that he likes it because almost no one knows him there. So who is that DOES know Lee in France?

5. If Joe Is Found Not Guilty Will Ellie Be Blamed
When Ellie Miller began investigating the death of Danny Latimer she had no idea that husband Joe would turn out to be the child's killer. When she discovered the truth she went ballistic and attacked him at the police station. Later that night she headed to Alec Hardy's hotel room to discuss the events and this has played straight in to the hands of Joe's defence team who accused her and Alec of framing Joe to get rid of him and allow them to continue their affair.
Now they've found out that on the day Joe  was arrested, Ellie lent her sister Lucy £1000. Unfortunately on the same day Lucy went to the police to give a statement saying that she had seen a man that looked like her brother in law Joe disposing of some clothes in a bin on the night of Danny’s death.
It's really not looking good on Ellie and if Joe is freed then surely her conduct during the investigation will leave her facing a backlash?