VIDEO: David Tennant Narrates Clips From Pets - Wild At Heart

John Downer Productions and the BBC  have released preview clips from their new two-part documentary series Pets-Wild At Heart. David Tennant narrates as the team behind Penguins - Spy in the Huddle use innovative techniques to reveal the incredible secrets of your pets' behaviour in ways never seen before.

In the first clip, Disco the Amazing Talking Budgie demonstrates some of the 130-plus phrases that he has memorised - including one for the Whovians. When budgies mimic their owners they are simply doing what they would do in the wild when they learn their names from their parents & also the distinct calls of their family.

In the second clip X-rays show how golden hamsters store incredible amounts of food in their cheek pouches that can stretch all the way back to their hips.

In the third clip slow motion footage of swimming dogs reveals the surprising efficiency of the doggy paddle and their incredible diving skills.

Watch part one of Pets - Wild At Heart - Playful Creatures narrated by David Tennant on BBC One at 8pm on Wednesday 21st January