REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue #7 From Titan Comics

The brand new adventures of the Tenth Doctor continue next month as the fully licenced new comic book series from Titan Comics reaches its seventh issue. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor meets the Time Lord, as played by David Tennant in the TV series, in the period after he had returned Donna Noble to her family following the events of Journey's End. He is paired with a new companion, the feisty would-be artist Gabriella Gonzalez, and embarks on a fresh set of adventures meeting foes old and new. 

Story by Robbie Morrison 
Art by Daniel Indro
Colours by Slamet Mujiono
Cover A by Verity Glass
Cover B by AJ
Release Date: Wednesday, February 04, 2015



Trapped in a field hospital in No Man's Land, the Doctor and Gabby are surrounded on all sides by a force of starving Weeping Angels. Their only allies - a handful of experienced soldiers, the friendly-but-exhausted Corporal Jamie Hamilton, and beds full of the walking wounded.

As the siege stretches on and watchful eyes grow weary – who will be the first to blink?!

The latest Tenth Doctor story arc takes the Doctor and Gabby to the trenches of the Somme where they find chaos, despair and the fear of an unknown menace lurking in the shattered squares and churchyards of the devastated French countryside. It's an enemy that the Doctor has met before and he recognizes them as the most perfect and merciless of foes, the Weeping Angels. But can he convince the fearful military that they face a threat more deadly than the German bombardment?

The new chapter opens up on the fate of two soldiers who have already fallen foul of the Angels' touch. However, not for them is the happy ever after of Kathy Nightingale (Blink, 2007), for while this pair may have escaped the fate of millions of their peers in the mud and blood of the trenches they have only moments to wonder how they suddenly come to be passengers on a Victorian steam train before an equally deadly event catches up with them.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Gabby have managed to gain the grudging support of a young Scots trooper called Jamie Colquhoun whose willingness to help probably has more to do with his interest in Gabby than believing the Doctor. However it's the rather more by-the-book Captain Fairburn that the Doctor must win over, and that particular officer thinks that he and Gabby are a pair of spies. It takes a full on attack by an unbelievable threat for him to start to believe the Doctor.

Robbie Morrison's story deftly interweaves the main plot with the encroaching menace of the Weeping Angels. With every soldier hunted down the impression grows of a closing trap and claustrophobia increases with each frame. Daniel Indro's depiction of the shattered town of St. Michel shows a Gothic citadel perched above a ravaged and smoky landscape and one in which it is entirely feasible that an Angel could be lurking inside every nook, behind every darkened doorway and down any gloomy passage. The Angels have the perfect arena to hunt, and with the Doctor and his colleagues encircled this chapter builds to a thrilling cliffhanger. It will take all of the Doctor's ingenuity to save the day - as long as he and Gabby can manage not to blink... 

The issue goes on sale worldwide on Wednesday 4th February 2015 in print and digital forms.

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