Olivia Colman Kept Broadchurch Killer Secret From David Tennant

It's long been reported that the entire cast of Broadchurch were kept in the dark regarding the identity of Danny Latimer's killer during the filming of the first series of the award winning drama. The cast even went as far as to place bets with one another as to who would turn out to be the murderer, but it seems at least one cast member knew who it was all along as David Tennant and Olivia Colman reveal on tonight's episode of The Graham Norton Show.

"I knew. I asked at my first audition and they told me and then they called me an hour later and said, 'We're not going to do it that way, nobody is going to know so you're not allowed to know.' So I kept the secret." explains Olivia.

So did David know who he'd end up arresting in the final episode? It seems not.
"About halfway through series one I was talking to my agent about something and she said, 'So no one knows?' And I said, 'No, absolutely nobody knows'. And she said, 'So, it's just Olivia that knows?' I was like, 'Olivia doesn't know, we've spent weeks together, we've discussed who it might be and we've taken bets on who the killer is.' She kept that secret brilliantly for months."

"He was so angry when he found out I knew!" adds Olivia.

And those fans who are waiting for a romantic relationship to develop between the pair's onscreen characters may be disappointed as both actors claim not to noticed any such flirtation of frisson. 

"You think? I haven't seen that," says Olivia, with David in full agreement, "I don't think that is obvious." 

David also spoke about the difficulty of filming the latest series, "It was tricky because people knew what they were looking for this time and we attract a certain amount of attention.

"You are very aware when you are out doing a scene on the beach or at the end of the pier that there are people licking ice creams two feet away from you! I think, 'I can't say this loudly or it's all going to be given away'," he said.

They also claim not to know of any plans for a third series of the show. But perhaps fans shouldn't be too downhearted at that news because as we know Broadchurch is a town built on secrets.

You can watch the full interview on The Graham Norton Show at 10.35pm on BBC One tonight
Broadchurch continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV