NEW ZEALAND PREMIERE: David Tennant On The Real History Of Science Fiction Tonight

David Tennant guests on the new episode of The Real History Of Science Fiction which premieres on BBC Knowledge at 7.30pm tonight (Saturday 17th January). The four part series explores the history and popularity of sci-fi with the help of some of the best known actors, writers, producers and directors associated with the genre.

The Real History Of Science Fiction
Part 2: Invasion
BBC Knowledge, 7.30pm

What if aliens landed on Earth? Much of science fiction explores the moment of first contact – what will people do when the aliens land? From H. G. Wells’ pioneering The War of the Worlds to Independence Day, Men in Black, and District 9, Invasion deals with our fears of alien invasions of earth. David Tennant explains the appeal of Doctor Who’s Daleks and Cybermen while John Carpenter and Chris Carter explore the rich appeal of the paranoia fuelled by hidden aliens with The Thing and The X-Files. It also asks, what if the monsters were our own creation? With the aid of rarely seen animation tests, Phil Tippett takes us behind the scenes in the creation of the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. But not all invasions are hostile. Peter Coyote and Richard Dreyfuss discuss the creation of Spielberg’s spellbinding classics E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There is more than one kind of invasion.

David will also appear in Episode 4 – Time, airing on Saturday 31st January.