FAN REACTION: Broadchurch Series 2, Episode 4

On 26th January the fourth episode of the second series of Broadchurch premiered in the UK and Ireland and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama.

The episode saw Ellie struggle to control her sister Lucy amid family tensions, Alec confront his demons, and Mark Latimer make a decision.

Thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here.

Please do not read the comments if you have not seen the episode as they contain spoilers.

Emma Ingleton 
Things are really hotting up in Dorset. So clever how the two cases are being woven together. I wasn't sure when I heard about series 2 but it is really fantastic. So much tension and mystery, can't wait for next week. Also incredible performances from all the cast. Especially loving the writing for Alec and Ellie.

Bev Lawrence 
Absolutely brilliant. This is shaping up very nicely. Excellent writing from Chris Chibnall and some wonderful performances from the cast.

Dartie Lefering 
The plot thickens. More and more questions such as: did Ricky kill his daughter, why does Claire have Ricky's number and why does Ricky have a picture of bluebells in his office? I liked that the fact that we got to see more on the Sandbrook case. And all these questions make it incredibly hard to wait until next Monday!

Maria Giwisser 
Every week it makes me sit on the edge of my seat. Love all the little twists, really gets ur mind going was it or wasn't it and will they get a happily ever after or will it ruin everything. Leaves me wanting more and more every week. X

Susan CrazySparkle Ramage 
It's keeping me guessing, one minute I think I have it sussed then the next i'm totally confused again. Enjoying every minute of it.

Hayley Morgan 
My mind is in overdrive.....i really want to know the killer and the end off this series .....but i dont want it to end x roll on next week

Abbie Daisy Highdale 
Omg how much is Alec going through? He's suffering in silence and I actually cried! I didn't think I could love him any more but Chris Chibnall really knows how to write!

Corrine Holland 
WOW, do we have to wait a week for more ?? Totally fantastic x

Claire Taverner 
Twists and turns constantly, starting to think the girls deaths werent to do with lee and claire

Emma Claridge 
I'm still thinking that Tom had something to do with Danny's death. But loving the episodes, caught up with season one and the 3 episodes in 2 days it's so gripping.

Kim Drinkwater 
What the????!!!! Why did Susan say that?? Aaaaarrrgghhhh!!!!

Lauren Scott 
Amazing! So many twists and turns I think I've got whiplash x

Woo Williamson 
Omg so many twists and turns. Just when I think I got it, the plot goes off in another direction. Brilliant writing. Fantastic acting. Can't wait until next week.

Inge Douma 
I want to know why Claire has Ricky´s number and what is the meaning of the bluebell photo in his office or flat? And Susan sticks to her statement that she saw Nigel that night............maybe he did it? Bloody cliffhanger! LOL

Michelle Finlay 
Wow wow wow what an episode.
Scary stuff.

Ang Williams 
Omg head mashed. Where is it all going. Can't wait till next week. Didn't think u could beat season 1 but u have great writing. Sat on end of settee every monday nite

Harrison Calnan 
It gave us evidence. Evidence to back up that award David picked up at the NTA's 

Jo Mollon 
Just gets better!!! It's simply mind twisting brilliant drama!!!

Jacquie Lochans 
Best Drama on tv x Fab cast and so many little twists in the tale.. Love it x

Elaine Jones 
It's keeping us on the edge of our seats, cannot wait until next week, amazing actors with so many twists!

Andrea Simmons 
Gripping! Pulls you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat every episode - first programme I've ever watched that can do that. Those bluebells are cropping up more and more... Another brilliant piece of acting from David in the first episode since his special recognition award!

Catherine Lee 
Brilliant as always. Really throwing in the twists and turns in both cases. Really has you thinking about each case! Cannot wait until next weeks episode 

Tobias Belli 
Love how everything just changes from what you apparently know. Excellent! David and Olivia are so good! So happy he got the award last week :):)

Karolina Błońska 
It was one of the most exciting episodes so far. It made me feel stressed, nervous and delightful at the same time. Great acting and great plot twists.

Louisa Udall 
More twists & turns than west country gravel track! Just when you start convincing yourself of a fact another spanner gets thrown in the works. That said I've had my suspicions about him since series one & thought it were he who done it!

Ceri Lawrence 
I thought it was a brilliant performance ever and shocking return of Susan wright too and I thought she was gone for good !

Luke 'Butternuts' Mallia 
Just when you think you've got it all mapped out, WHAM! Several more twists and shocks sneak their way into the fold!

Ruth Winsper 
Things are hotting up now, old suspects are coming back and still confused as ever and still stuck to it, I can't wait until next week 

Susie Mallon many twist and turns!! I usually end up watching it twice to make sure I've not missed anything!

Cristal DeCantorr 
Loving the twists and turns!!! I didn't see the first whammy where "Joe Miller " pled not guilty. ......but tonight.....oooo the Claire & Lee Clarke twist....& Pauline Quirks return. I just hope Series 3 is already in the bag!!! Love it!!!

Anne Nicol 
Broadchurch gripping from start to finish. Absolutely brilliant show,number 1 in my book. Best television Drama show ever. Roll on Broadchurch 3. I believe that Claire,Lee,the Gillespie Dad are all involved with Sandbrook and the disappearance of those girls. Maybe some sexual thing going on between the adults and the girls found out and had to be silenced. Pippa's dad definitely involved because he had a bluebell picture in his office and the phone contact on Claire's phone was him. Very strange all around. I can't wait till next week. Broadchurch number 1. Simply the best better than all the rest.

Barbara Foreman 
A really intriguing, enjoyable episode with many twists and turns. Hoping and expecting that Hardy will retain his integrity in the end.