FAN REACTION: Broadchurch Series 2, Episode 3

On 19th January the third episode of the second series of Broadchurch premiered in the UK and Ireland and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama.

The episode saw Hardy face a race against time as Ellie discovered a startling new piece of evidence, forcing them to reassess their suspicions. Meanwhile, with DS Miller coming under intense pressure from all sides, life for Mark and Beth changed for ever. 

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Please do not read the comments if you have not seen the episode as they may contain spoilers.

Ruairdhri Wright 
Broadchurch to me is definately one of the best British dramas I've ever seen. The characters feel and act like real, flawed relatable people, and the tone is dripping with the kind of pain, despair, and tragedy that would be felt by such a closely tied town. Seriously great show guys! 

Jay Jay Joy 
Gripping, I love it and love David Tennant too!!!

Diane Camplin Parker 
I love this programme. Plenty came to light or was it another twist to the plot??? You think you got it figured out then swoosh it's back to the drawing board

Thomas Auditore Blakey 
The prosecution ... I don't think I've ever hated a TV character more.

Mandy Ely 
I hated it so much that I loved it!!! The emotion!! I'm so bloody angry!!! Stick to the facts works both ways!!!!!

Betty Missb 
Strong performances once again.Olivia Coleman still heartbreaking,David Tennant brilliant & James D'arcy quietly menacing 

Laura Morris 
Lots of twists and turns as well as brilliant cliff hangers. What a great programme...I can't wait until the next episode!

Simmy Knight 
How they can twist it and make him look innocent is beyond me. It madness. Gripping madness.

Karen Presh Lushey 
1hr of total quiet in my house cant miss a single bit of Brilliance in writing and acting...everyone seems to have something to hide in this series cant wait for the outcome x

Ryan James Mason 
David Tennant truly is an astounding actor. Loved the apology to lee scene. Realy irritated me. Never hated a character as much in my life. Hope next weeks is as gripping...

Annette Dyer 
Tonight's episode finished - gutted. Just can't get enough of this drama / story. Another cliff hanger. So well written - I already want to punch that barrister for coming up with such a sordid story. Absolutely love Hardy n Miller team.

Alyson Wheeler 
I'm beginning to question everyone! Is Beth human? Is Paul a real vicar? Is Alec really Scottish? So many twists and secrets in one hour! Counting down to the next installment!

Amber-rose Balsdon 
Ahhh cant wait till the next episode, how dare they accuse her of an affair!!! Its outrageous and awwwwwwww she had her baby xx XD

Bernice Wiemers-Rowden 
Stunning - so many more twists and newly introduced character - amazing... how can I wait for the next episode? And so many flawed characters... Its ok I know it's only a story 

Alison Tansley 
I just want them to show the whole series back to back. Patience never was my strong point.

Catherine Lee 
Just wowzas!! Absolutely brilliant. Cannot wait until next week. David Tennant and Olivia Colman are just amazing in it.

Helen Wimpenny 
Last week episode 2 had me scratching my head. This week I am ok. Think I was reading too many comments in the newsites. I ignored them this week. Best thing I did.

Ben Singleton 
I cannot wait for Sharon bishop's (defense) world to be uncovered. Her attempts will fail . Very well put together and the casting, acting and directing has been amazing. Well done . Running 2 stories at once to keep suspense is working wonders!

Katherine Whitehouse 
Hardy's face was what?! We all squealed when they accused Miller. Tea-cups were over turned in our house at the sheer drama!!!

Lana McAlan 
So many red herrings. The acting is superb all round but David Tennant and Olivia Coleman are truly outstanding. Can't wait to see what happens

Charlotte Elizabeth Round 
Absolutely gripping! Finally starting to get gritty now. Why do I have to wait a week!? Nooo!

Sarah Macneill 
Wot a shocker at the end about an affair. Sat there with my month wide open

Kristel O'Rourke 
Loving it!! But a tiny part of me is waiting for John Barrowman and Billie Piper to pop up, to reunite the best Doctor and the Torchwood team! This is to no way discredit Broadchurch, I am genuinely gripped from beginning to end, few programs do that to me.

Georgie Readii Read 
So good! The storyline really keeps you on the edge of your seat  and David and Olivia's acting was amazing . Buzzing for next weeks ep

Natalia Wolanska 
Fantastic episode, poor Ellie... This is what keeps me going on Mondays 

Maureen Niven 
It's going to keep us guessing right to the end !! Hardy and Millar great double act . Mind you love anything with David Tennant in it . One of Scotland's greatest !

Kara Robinson 
Absolutely loved it. I love that I totally did not see the affair accusation coming. There's only one thing I hate, and that's having to now wait a whole week!!

Kate Flucker 
Joe's barrister is clutching at straws, trying to say Ellie and Hardy were having an affair, will love to see her face when it's revealed about Hardy's health that make it nigh impossible for him to exert himself without killing himself!!

Bru Zanelli 
I am dizzy by all the twists and turns. Now where are we heading!?

Victoria Lane 
Amazing show! David is composing himself as a truly frustrated character, which through watching his journey in Broadchurch, the nation is feeling the same way about the system and the heart ache of people whose lives have been ripped apart. Well done on the writing from the creators and to David for portraying a tormented man with such amazement x

Sheena McGartland 
Always leaves you on s knife edge. Can't wait til next week! Amazing story line and leaves you wondering " well... Did he or didn't he murder Danny.

Lynne Gamble 
I just love the chemistry between David T.and Olivia C. Magic just magic so Moreish so twisty and turny I just plain Love it.

Lauren Duff 
Accusing Hardy and Miller of having an affair was a bit strange. The prosecution really are clutching at straws then! I think Joe will break.