FAN REACTION: Broadchurch Series 2, Episode 2

On 12th January the second episode of the second series of Broadchurch premiered in the UK and Ireland and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama.
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Please do not read the comments if you have not seen the episode as they may contain spoilers.

Lynn Hawthorne 
Hardly dared breathe in case I missed anything!

Christiane Raschkowski 
Breath taking! And I already love the new soundtrack as well! But Beth really.... *grr* nothing of this is Ellies fault, For real.

Loll Cole 
Omg ! Wasn't expecting that. . . This series has more twists than a game of twister my heart was racing in those last 5 mins . . Wishing the week away already 

Pensk Carless 
Another great cliffhanger. Love/hate having to wait a week between episodes... Catch up TV has spoilt the good old suspense building weekly instalments. Brilliant acting and brilliant story. Well done all involved!

Kirsty Elizabeth Scarlett Andrews 
I want to know the the story behind the defence and prosecution. These tiny tidbits of info are driving me crazy

Julie Smith 
Amazing!!!!! So tense all the way through!!!! I can't believe you are making us wait until next Monday for the next episode!!!!  xx

Lyndsey Smith 
Brilliant! How am I going to last another week? I love the acting and the plot is gripping, it's the one show where I never know what's going to happen next! And poor Ellie I just want to give her a cwch x

Dave Smith 
Too tense. Sweaty palms and anxiety. Great TV.

Lynsey Hall 
David Tennant is truly brilliant, they all are. If he gets away with murder I'll scream!!!

Inge Douma 
Again so thrilling........especially at the end! Next monday, come soon please!

Ann Sidgwick 
Intriguing, completely engrossing from start to the dramatic end of the episode. Brilliant 

Bev White 
Oh my word, it is just brilliant! I really feel for Ellie and as much as the twists and turns are making me want to throw a shoe at the TV, it just means it's a bloody good programme! David fantastic as always, Olivia is great....all the cast are great!

Pippa Mcleod 
Have to remember to exhale, all that breathing in with shock makes me light headed!!
Gonna be just as brilliant and brain teasing as first series, yah!!!

Kerry Annd Richard Fullard 
Loving the series so far so many questions! I think it's going to turn out that Claire was behind sandbrook case. Anyone else with predictions?

Pensk Carless 
Wish Beth would sort her life out... Think the prosecuting side need to do their homework, the student becomes the teacher...

Sarah Mebrouka 
I think Paul is involved, why would he visit Joe if he wasn't guilty of some secret crime

Heather Alexandra Baross 
What an amazing episode, can't believe I have to wait another week for the next one! 

Victoria Louise House 
Me thinks the Vicar Paul is hiding something, but I bet they all are.

Natalie West 
God this evening I have sat open mouthed at the episode heart wrenching and I think Claire may have had her hand in it I think they have a very Fred and Rose relationship that is going to be brought out in this mess!

Clair Jempson 
So many little nuances that bring the story together...I can't quite work out who is guilty, innocent or just naive. Beth needs to see reason with ellie as she is as much a victim as the rest of them...great viewing as usual and superb acting david and Olivia xxxx

Kirstie Hadden 
Incredible, breathtaking, brilliantly written and acted. I cannot believe how quickly the hour goes. It's the only good thing about Mondays! Thank you xxx

Kirsty Webber 
Brilliant episode. This series is shaping up to be as good if not better than the first! It's amazingly written and leaves me wanting more every week!

Kate Creed
I am sure we are being duped time wise, it's only on for about ten minutes !!!! It goes so quickly and I waited all day and all week !!!!!!

Suzy Franks 
Fantastic!!! So thought this couldn't work as a second series, never been more wrong, loving it!!!!!:)

Becca Louise 
Bloomin Brilliant! Exciting, tense, unpredictable! Creative writing, fantastic actors! Can't wait till next week!

Victoria Voloboeva 
It's becoming more and more interesting! Probably it's one of the best tv series I've ever seen. And I like that characters are very profound. Every person has his own tragedy. It's very realistic. The end of the episode was unexpected for me. I really don't know how to wait to the next Monday...

Leanne Reid 
Was epic! Love Eve Myles!!! But hate cliff hangers!!!! Too many things unanswered for another week!!!! Ahh can't wait for next Monday

Abbie Daisy Highdale
I could watch Broadchurch forever! Particularly David Tennant. But I don't believe the programme is only amazing because of the most brilliant actor on the planet - it's because of the wonderful writing too. Thank you Chris for creating such an epic, interesting, engaging and suspense filled piece of TV brilliance! Something that takes you on an epic emotional roller coaster making you feel emotions from all ends of the spectrum in the space of only 60 minutes! 

Caroline Hering 
There's something very disturbing going on with the Mark and Tom relationship. Is Mark manipulating Tom to get some sort of revenge?

Taheg Gloder 
What a show... Another crazy intense episode, brilliant, loved it all and I really can't wait for next week...
I'm starting to think the papers are right though, Hardy may actually be the worst policeman in the UK. Why on EARTH did he do the meet at Millar's house... and then leave her standing outside? He knows that she's not exactly the most loved person in the town right now, surely if she HAD to be there, she'd have been better off inside the house, not standing around in broad daylight...

Susanne Ruitenberg 
This is the best, most clever, gripping and heart wrenching drama I've ever seen. Script and dialogue and twists are awesome and Chris deserves multiple awards. This is what happens when a good writer can write as he pleases to tell a story without anyone restraining him. Add to that the best cast assembled ever, with superbe acting and first class directing and we, the audicnce, get a taste of how great TV could be (and then have to return to German rubbish in my case ...). Thank you ITV. David and Olivia are tearing at my heart strings.

Anne Graham 
Feel so sorry for Miller just want to give her a big hug and say yeah its tough now but you will get through this just stay strong and show them all what a great person you are.

Ryan Moss 
Do we know where Paul was a vicar previously to broadchurch? What if he was in a parish close to sandbrooke (or southampton as it says on Claire's bluebell envelope). If we found that out, I have a feeling he's involved in the case...