FAN REACTION: Broadchurch Series 2, Episode 1

On 5th January the first episode of the second series of Broadchurch  premiered in the UK and Ireland and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama.
Thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here.

Please do not read the comments if you have not seen the episode as they may contain spoilers.

Fan Comments:
Angela Lowry 
The acting was fantastic! The court scene gave me chills, I totally believed and empathised with the characters. Then again, at the end, with the scene in the graveyard. Brilliant story line, brilliant actors - what more could you want!

Diane Samuel 
Quickest hour of telly ever. Gripped right from the start. Looking forward to seeing D'Arcy and Tennant face off.

Katy Johnson
 Brilliant episode, I was completely drawn in and felt quite emotional. Can't wait till next week.

Melanie Atkinson Was Lowe 
Brilliant !!! From the not guilty - to the last scene - kept glued all the way through - can't wait till next week !!!

June Sheridan 
Found myself breathing out when it finished, didn't even realise I was holding my breath!!

Luca Gatzkowski 
Absolutely perfect! The atmosphere is in some kind deeper and different from season 1, but that gives us another view and I just love it! Can't wait till next Monday.

Sharon Tabern 
Absolutely fantastic.loads of twists and turns to keep us gripped.cant wait to see what next weeks episode brings.

Sarah Narramore 
Fantastic! Worth waiting 2 years for!!! Chris chibnall you are a genius!!!! Olivia is brilliant, David tennant is brilliant and gorgeous!!! Amazing start to 2015!!! Wish this series continued all the time. Keep up the good work guys!!! See you next week @ 9pm!!!

Barbara Carr 
Completely hooked. Love the twists and Charlotte Rampling is an amazing tour de force. Excellent writing and acting from all involved especially the delectable David Tennant.

Susanne Trillian-Venkman Frenzel 
Oh my goddess!!! I clung to my hot water bottle in total shock. I'm stunned and can't wait for next week. (Hot water bottle only cos it's cold in my house).

Michelle Allonsy Wild 
I love trying to guess what's going on and then being completely shocked at how wrong i was. Fantastic casting as always. X

Zandra Russell 
Amazing - Chris Chibnall has done it again - hooked already. West Bay (aka Broadchurch) has never looked better!!

Lauren E. White
 Very gripping, very exciting and very, very promising. Cannot wait for next Monday.

Anita Brady 
Jaw droppingly brilliant. It makes Monday's the day I will be looking forward too most!!

Reg Luckman 
Fantastic, Great cast, Excellent twist on the plot, Not what i was expecting. Cant wait for next week.

Deborah Sydney 
Amazing start to the series. Fantastic writing again. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Amanda Penrose 
Was very good but seems like there was more ad's than TV show. Loved the bit's with Miller and Hardy. Especial the bit when Hardy offered Miller a hug.

Vicki Cotterell 
Gripping, emotional, poignant, beautifully shot, and superbly acted! 

Andrew Baldock 
Fantastic again. Twists and turns. Intrigue. Wonderful acting by David and Oilvia. BAFTA awards again !!

Luke 'Butternuts' Mallia 
After 10 minutes, my jaw had dropped.
After the full hour, my whole head had dropped.
Amazing episode. This series is going to be a rollercoaster.

Karen Frost 
absolutely amazing, not what i expected at all, show has retained the ability to enthral and keep the viewer captivated at all times, bring on the following episodes, wish i could watch them all now!!!!!!!

Lisa Seaton 
Edge of the seat stuff on the first episode - pure genius x

Lisa Wood 
Waited so long for series 2! And it was so worth the wait! Amazing first episode! Can't wait for next weeks!! 

Lisa-Nicole Sheridan
 Excellent! Im hooked again from the very start!

Caroline Storey 
Quickest hour ever

Emma Tofi 
Looooooved it!! So angry in the first fifteen minutes and felt so sad for Ellie, especially at the end. I don't think I can wait until next week!!

Lindsay Jonsson 
Simply brilliant British TV at its very best...that's all 

Mark McGlynn
 Brilliant can't wait till next week, already got my thinking cap on in trying work out the story lines, fantastic telly David Tennant and Olivia Coleman are the brilliant actors so believable.

Andy Powell 
Love the edge between the two women defending / prosecuting.

Susan Harvey 
Such clever writing. The script begins to draw the viewer in as the storyline begins to unravel from the first series, taking a completely new and unexpected direction. Powerful acting brings the characters back to life revealing frailties, imperfections and complexities. Introducing new characters whilst maintaining continuity plausible and so clever. Can't wait for next episode. David Tennant and Olivia Coleman have so brilliantly retained their character's personalities and angst. A fantastic acting ensemble by the rest of the cast.

Sandra Davies
Tennant and Coleman just as good a partnership as last time. Should be a cracking series again.

Lisa Bax Boorman 
Never watched before but omg... gripping stuff...shame I have to wait til next week!

Edward Bracken 
Absolutely brilliant. Gripping and heart stopping and its just the first episode. Can't wait for next week.

Ruth Monk 
Edge of seat, gripping, absolutely superb acting esp. from David Tennant & Olivia Coleman. Brilliant. xx

Laura Coleman 
Very exciting! absolutely nothing I expected. Amazing acting from Daniels parents! Awsome twist to the story line and I have a feeling there may be another on its broadchurch 

Valerie Gurney 
Loved it, going to be a nail biting edge of seat programme again. Cant wait for next weeks

Stephanie Bonsall 
Brilliant, tense and gripping. Just like season 1. Really looking forward to next week's episode.

Sharon Wilkes 
I loved it. Amazing actors. Olivia coleman place such a difficult part have to feel sorry for her character. She lovely. X

Jacqualine Ashton 
F A N T A S T I C ! ! Why did it have to end so soon. Another one to keep me on the edge of my seat. Brilliant

Charlie Lilley 
So many unanswered questions already....... Pure genius!!!!

Débora Sinh 
I was afraid because the ending of last season was very conclusive, but this new series is setting a new point of view. It looks like it's going to explore everyone's feelings and standpoints in a deeper way (if that's even possible) than in the first season, showing us what isn't usually shown in the classic detective narrative, the answer to the "What will they do now?" question. Looking forward next episode! 

Jason Small 
I cannot until episode two. My brain is working overtime at trying to work out why the body was exhumed!

Margaret KnitWit RossMunro 
It was fantastic, can't wait to see the 2 opposing barristers fight it out in court, the tension is mounting already. Brilliant.

Moira Hotchkiss 
Loved it. It was gripping and has got me hooked again. Roll on next Monday to watch it again and see what happens.David tennant was amazing.

Finlay Calum Macaulay 
Very promising start and some excellent additions to the cast. Roll on next Monday !!!!!

Corrina Hawker 
Brilliant. David Tennant and Olivia Coleman are brilliant together.

Karen Anne 
Brilliant start to the new series. Superb acting coupled with superb writing. Bring on next week.

Read Sue 
fantastic. Brilliant great start to a gripping drama will be hooked for the coming weeks ahead

Helen Jordan 
Stonking start to a superb drama. The cast are superb and the scenery is stunning.

Jacquie Johnson 
Well worth waiting a whole year for new series and it's only episode 1... Can't wait to see the story unfold, and sit on the edge of my chair for another roller coaster ride...

Cha Curoy 
I was really looking forward to season 2 so I thought I was going to be disappointed but I couldn't have been more wrong! It had as much tension as in the first season (especially the trial scene and the final one at the cemetery) and the chemistry between Hardy and Miller was brilliant as well. That was something I loved in season 1 and I was glad to find it again. 
Plus the big bonus, we get to know more about Sandbrook which was one of the things I wanted to see developed in season 2

Deb Morgan 
Couldn't see how a new series could have been made after the last one ended, but I'm hooked again. A totally new way of making a drama that's real and gritty, and gets you thinking did he or didn't he!!

Flouressia Gardens 
Double whammy - making us look forward to Monday's in January - exceeded expectations!

Sandra Fox 
Can't wait for next weeks brilliant start . Very clever writing not at all what we expected.

Jeanna Gale 
Brilliantly written and acted. Had me gripped with the Not Guilty plea!! This is going to be an amazing series and I knew they were going to deal with Sandbrook!! 

Diane Atkinson 
Brilliant!.. Edge of your seat viewing.. Nail biting.. Like it's never been away....bring on next Monday...

Eirene Croot 
Gripping already. Absolutely love it. Can't wait till next week. And having a date with David Tennant every Monday for 8 weeks is a massive bonus too. Fantastic.

Colin Sherwood
 it just got a whole lot more intersting..charlotte rampling is in it..she dosent need lines to say..its just that look!

Tracey Williams
 OMG!!! Thrilling, spellbinding, Riveting, edge of your seat quality drama!!! Not a description of the whole series just of the first episode!!!!! Can't wait for next week.......

Isabel Weir 
What an opener,gripping stuff, second series has not let its followers down. Can't wait for Mondays.

Karen Alner 
Was gripped from the off.. is so good seeing my home & birth town (West Bay) on TV  looking forward to next Monday now x

Corrine Holland 
Fantastic, pity we have to wait a week. Love David he's one brilliant actor, he should be knighted for his work xx

Beverley Jukes 
The possibilities are endless even though we know whodunit don't we.........

Sara Rushton 
It's like a rollercoaster, just when you thought it had finished, there are more twists and turns left!! .... itv at its best 

Zoë Brown 
I've been trying to formulate my thoughts into a coherent sentence for the last half-hour, and I still can't do it! An absolute triumph - all the awards to the cast and crew, but especially to David and Olivia! 

Donna Loader Robb 
Exceeded all expectations... Minds boggling... Can't wait until next Monday... Brilliant opening episode.. Mark... Vicar... Ooh the twists & turns.. A massive thumbs up 

Annette Dyer 
Absolutely brilliant, as expected. Just didn't want tonight's episode to end - can't wait for next week .....and the week after and the week after etc

Broadchurch continues on Monday 12th January at 9pm on ITV and 10pm on TV3