Eve Myles: Broadchurch Fans Ask Do You Kiss David Tennant?

Broadchurch actress Eve Myles has been chatting to Wales Online about her role in the thrilling drama series. Eve who plays Sandbrook murder trial witness, Claire Ripley, was introduced to us in episode one of the new series when it was revealed that DI Alec Hardy had been hiding her in the seaside town from her husband Lee, his prime suspect in the Sandbrook case, who had been acquitted despite Claire giving evidence against him.

Sworn to secrecy, like the rest of the cast, Eve says:

“Keeping the storyline a secret isn’t a problem at all as it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of but keeping the fact I’d got the part a secret was a killer!"

And she's come in for interrogation from fans of the show 
"Everyone loved the first series so much so the first reaction I’d get was, ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Did you do it?’ People automatically assumed it would be another whodunit but we don’t yet know if that’s the case.

“I’m also always asked, ‘Do you kiss David Tennant?’ It’s ridiculous!” she laughs, not revealing if Claire and Hardy do have a romantic connection.

“But I’m very pleased and excited. Without a doubt, it’s the highlight of my career so far.

You can read Eve's full interview with Wales Online here.

Broadchurch continues on Monday 19th January at 9pm on ITV and 10pm on TV3