Episode Summary: Pets Wild At Heart - Part 1 Narrated By David Tennant

An episode summary has now been released for the first part of David Tennant's new two part documentary project. Pets Wild At Heart is the new programme by John Downer Productions, the talented team behind Earthflight and Penguins: Spy on The Ice. The series uses innovative camera techniques to show how the pets we share our homes with are still wild animals at heart under the skin.

The first episode is called Playful Creatures

Pets Wild At Heart
Wednesday, January 21st, 8.00pm GMT
Part 1: Playful Creatures

First of a two-part documentary using innovative techniques to reveal the secrets of pets' behaviour, including why hamsters love to run in a wheel, how dogs pick up the rules of the pack and how kittens learn to be solitary hunters. Featuring views of plunge-diving dogs, babysitting cats, acrobatic hamsters and a playful cat outwitted by his prey. The latest science also reveals why budgies talk, how a cat scales a vertical wall with the help of a special claw, why hamsters stuff their faces with more food than they can eat and the real meaning behind a rabbit's hop. Plus the free-roaming pet dogs of Cusco Peru, pet rabbits living in a natural warren and the wild-living inhabitants of Cat Island, Japan. Moving X-rays, thermal imagery, minicam-carrying dogs and slow-motion photography show why pets play and how their true wild nature is just a whisker away.

The second part will air on 28th January, also at 8pm.