David Tennant's Dad Says Award Dedication Is "Very, Very Lovely"

Millions of viewers watched as David Tennant was presented with the Special Recognition Award at Wednesday night's National Television Awards.
The award was given to mark David's illustrious acting career and he was left almost speechless with shock and emotion as he watched a video of his friends and family talking about what makes him a great man and actor.

His dad, The Very Reverend Dr Sandy McDonald, said of him:
"He might not like me saying it, but he is gentle. And that comes through in so many of the things that he does. He does love people, and that's a great gift in this day and age. To love people makes the world a better place.
And I think David, in all he does, makes the world a better place. But then – as you must realise – I’m his dad!"

David went on to dedicate the prestigious award to his dad, saying:
"I grew up loving the telly, so the fact that I get to make part of my living by being on the telly is something I have to pinch myself about. To get prizes for it just doesn’t compute.
I would like to dedicate this to my dad. He is an inspiration and a role model, so thanks Sandy."

Yesterday Sandy spoke to his local paper The Paisley Daily Express about filming the piece for the tribute video and spoke of how moved he was for David to dedicate the award to him:
"Dedicating the award to me was very generous of him because he has been in so many things and supports so many good causes.
To dedicate it to his old dad was quite special and much appreciated by me. It was very, very lovely for me.
I get on very well with all my family, and I would say David and I are good pals."

You can watch both Sandy and David's speeches on the video below: