David Tennant Loves Keeping Broadchurch Secrets

Chatting backstage at last night's National Television Awards, David Tennant spoke to reporters about his current role as DI Alec Hardy in the ITV drama series Broadchurch and the fact that he is in the enviable position of knowing how the story will unfold as the rest of the nation wait in suspense for the next episode.

"I always thought the first line of my obituary had been written after Doctor Who and then Broadchurch came along and suddenly it kicked off again in a different direction," he said.

"I've been very jammy to end up in two shows that have been treated so enthusiastically by everyone."

Stressing that he wouldn't be giving away any secrets on the series David added: "Doctor Who was good training for not giving anything away. I quite like that. I like having the power of not giving anything away. It probably drives people mad, I'm sure. But that's what thrillers are for – if you know the secret... It's like anything, knowing the secret gives you a little hit but actually it's much less enjoyable than watching it all play out."

Broadchurch continues on Monday 26th January at 9pm on ITV and 10pm on TV3

Source: Digital Spy