Broadchurch: Read Alec Hardy's Letter

During last night's opening episode of Broadchurch viewers learnt that David Tennant's character DI Alec Hardy was still suffering from his unnamed heart condition. The same condition that had, in series one of the drama, seen him struggle to cope with the stress of bringing Danny Latimer's killer to justice. Frequent blackouts and blurred vision mingled with flash backs of his previous case in Sandbrook and it seems his health has not improved. Popping pills and staring at his tired reflection Hardy contemplated a letter he had received from the hospital regarding his mystery complaint.

The letter read as follows:
Dear Mr Hardy
I am writing to you on behalf of South Wessex NHS Trust regarding your fast approaching procedure. I am pleased to confirm your test results came back positive so we are able to continue this process. As you are already aware this is a very important issue which we believe needs to be addressed now to stop the condition from getting worse. We deal with each case individually and try to accommodate your personal needs as best we can. Appointments can be changed however in your case we recommend the procedure go ahead as soon as possible.
A follow-up letter will be sent shortly to discuss what happens next. If you need to speak to a doctor please call the number at the top of this letter to receive confidential advice on the phone. Our office hours are 10am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday. We also have more information on our website about NHS Trust Procedures.

So although Alec is still obviously seriously ill, he's still not allowed to drive and relies on Miller to ferry him around, it is positive news that whatever his condition is can be treated. But with the new twists in the Joe Miller trial and the mystery of the missing girls from Sandbrook dragged up again, whether or not the stubborn detective will seek the medical intervention he needs soon enough remains to be seen.

Broadchurch continues on Monday 12th January at 9pm on ITV