AUDIOBOOK NEWS: David Tennant Records New Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Audiobook

Producer Lucy Fleming, the niece of legendary author Ian Fleming has revealed that David Tennant has just recorded the latest installment in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang series.

The award winning author Frank Cottrell Boyce has now written three official sequels to the original classic tale of the magical flying car created by Ian Fleming. Chitty has come into the ownership of a new family and whisked them away on a brand new set of adventures.

The latest adventure, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Over The Moon, will be released in the USA on March 3rd 2015 and sees Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reunited with some familiar faces from her past.

The story
The Tootings are stuck in 1966! Somebody's stolen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and left them behind. But that's not their biggest problem. Their biggest problem is that Little Harry's been kidnapped by whoever stole their magical car. There's only one solution: the Tootings must find the Potts - the family that originally built Chitty. Sharing their combined knowledge of how Chitty works, the families may stand a chance of rescuing Little Harry and finding the most brilliant car in the world. But a fiendish criminal has different plans, ones that involve flying Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to the moon and putting an explosive scheme into action.

A distributor and release date for the UK has yet to be confirmed, however the imported US CD may be pre-ordered here

Lucy Fleming interviewed David when he recorded the first official sequel Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again - listen to that interview here