GRACEPOINT: Final Set Sale Of All Remaining Props, Sets And Costumes

The producers of struggling FOX TV series Gracepoint have announced a final set sale of the remaining props and costumes of the murder mystery drama. The sale takes place in Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC where the ten-part series starring David Tennant and Anna Gunn was filmed earlier this year. The items have been stored locally pending a second season of the show.

The public sale, which takes place at Tennyson Place, Victoria on Friday 12th - Sunday 14th December, offers up items such as the cast wardrobe and jewellery, home furnishings, bikes and office equipment. Payment is by cash or credit card only. There is no provision listed for online sales.

What this bodes for the future of Gracepoint is unclear. So far FOX have made no announcement on a second season although they have continued to broadcast all ten episodes of the show as planned. Overnight ratings have dipped as low as 0.7/2 among the adults aged 18-49; however big rises in catch up viewings have shown that there continues to be interest.

The sets for the Gracepoint Journal and Police Station were demolished as soon as filming wrapped, and a previous sale disposed of many prop and costume items.

Gracepoint continues after the Thanksgiving break on Thursday on FOX in the uSA and Global in Canada at 9pm/8c