VIDEO: Gracepoint Episode 6 Talking Point - David Tennant Talks About The Shock Ending & Its Consequences

In a new exclusive Gracepoint Talking Point video released by Entertainment Weekly, David Tennant talks about the shocking events at the conclusion of episode 6 of the 10-part drama and what this means for the investigation lead by his character Emmett Carver and his colleague Elli Miller (Anna Gunn).

"This has just added another human tragedy to this increasingly tragic situation" he says. "[Carver and Miller] have to look for a new way forward"

Watch the clip here - please be aware it discusses a major spoiler for episode six.

Entertainment Weekly also have a recap of the episode: read it here

The FOX TV limited series Gracepoint follows the investigation into the murder of a twelve-year old boy in a small town in California and the impact that the crime has on the close community. The series continues on Fox in the USA and on Global in Canada on Thursday 13th November at 9pm ET, and on the Universal Channel in Australia at 8.30pm on Friday 14th November,