RADIO: Believe It! Nominated In The 2015 Audio Drama Awards

The longlist for the 2015 Audio Drama Awards has been released and includes a nomination for the BBC Radio 4 comedy series Believe It! starring Richard Wilson with David Tennant. The annual Audio Drama Awards pay tribute to audio drama both on radio and online, rewarding actors, writers and other members of the creative teams behind productions.

The spoof radio autobiography stars Richard Wilson who narrates fictionalised episodes from his own life with help from a supporting cast that has included Arabella Weir, John Sessions, Simon Greenall and Samantha Spiro as well as David. The series is written by Jon Canter and produced by Clive Brill.

Believe It! won the Best Scripted Comedy prize in the 2013 Audio Drama Awards. This year, the first episode of series 2, Victor, is listed in the Best Scripted Comedy Drama category, one of two entries for Canter (see below):

Best Scripted Comedy Drama
  • Tim Key’s Late Night Poetry Programme by Tim Key
  • Believe It: Victor by Jon Canter
  • Lunch by Marcy Kahan
  • I'm a Believer by Jon Canter 
  • Shedtown by Tony Pitts
Other nominees include Andrew Scott (Slipping) and Ian McKellen (Eugenie Grandet) as Best Actor, Maxine Peake (Pact) and Francesca Annis (Golden Years: Friedrichstrasse) as Best Actress and the Doctor Who multi-Doctor adventure The Light At The End in the Best Online Only Audio Drama category.

The judges will now decide which of the nominees will make the final shortlist to be revealed on Tuesday 6th January 2015. The  winners will be announced on Sunday 1st February in London.

Believe It! - Victor starred Richard Wilson with Steve Nallon as Margaret Thatcher and David Tennant as Mickey Mouse, and examines the effect that Richard's iconic role in One Foot In The Grave had on his life. The episode originally aired in December 2013. You can listen again here

 Source: Radio Times