OUT TODAY: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue #4 From Titan Comics

The fourth edition of Titan Comics’ officially licensed Tenth Doctor series is released worldwide today in print and digital formats. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor follows the continuing adventures of the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant, in the period following the return of Donna Noble to her family. The stories feature a new companion to travel with the Time Lord in brand new adventures featuring brand new foes.

Issue #4 sees the team of writer Nick Abadzis and artists Elena Casagrande and Arianna Florean begin a new story arc, The Arts In Space, featuring the Doctor and his newest companion Gabby Gonzalez, a would-be artist from New York. Before meeting the Doctor, Gabby was trapped in a dead-end job with her hopes and dreams seemingly forever out of reach. But an invasion by a host of mood-altering parasites threw them together, and the Doctor was so impressed by Gabby’s courage and resourcefulness in defeating the Cerebravores that he has rewarded her with a trip in the TARDIS.

The Doctor plays on Gabby’s artistic ambitions and sweeps her off to a futuristic art gallery on a different planet. But it’s not very long before they stumble across something that quickly piques the Doctor’s sense of outrage. An old friend, Zhe, an artist who can sing her works into existence, is acting out of character and he wants to go and check that all is well. Of course it’s not, and the entity that they find at Zhe’s retreat intends to give them a far from warm welcome. With the Doctor and Gabby separated he tries to guide her to safety but ends up in mortal peril himself.

Somewhat unusually, the narrative of the new adventure is seen through Gabby’s eyes as she tries to record the wonders that she experiences for her friend Cindy. Therefore there’s a contrast in artworks, the ‘main’ narrative strip by Casagrande is complemented by Gabby’s own caricatures (drawn by Florean) as she attempts to capture events around her. It’s a useful device which serves to introduce the Doctor as seen through fresh eyes. The reader is given a sense of what it must be like to try to work out this ancient, mysterious and dark being, not to mention attempting to keep apace of his enthusiasms and babble and passion for gizmos. In her journal Gabby records the differences between home and this new world, from strange flora and fauna to more subtle aspects like how the wind smells and feels. To her senses it’s overwhelming, but she is still able to marvel at how the Doctor takes it all in his stride. It’s an experience of companions that is very often taken for granted. It’s also good to see that the Doctor’s capacity to show off to new companions is never diminished!

The issue is rounded off by a back-up strip by new contributor Rachael Smith. The main cover is by Verity Glass; a photo cover variant and one by Elena Casagrande are also available.

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