FAN REACTION: Gracepoint Episode 8

On 20th November Episode 8 of Gracepoint premiered and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama. 
Thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here

In last night's episode the search for Danny's killer continued and the Solano family tried to slowly adjust to life without their son by going back to work and school. Meanwhile, Susan Wright was brought in for questioning when the Gracepoint Journal uncovered some disturbing information about her.

If you haven't seen the episode yet do not read the comments as they do contain spoilers.

Here's a selection of your comments:

Ethan Thoren 
I'm loving this show so much! It keeps getting better and better!

Michelle Law 
Loving me some David Tennant! He's so amazing. Really enjoying this program. But not happy about having to wait 2 weeks for the next episode.

Taylor Quinn 
omg that was intense omg like two weeks might be a little long to wait....also I hope they don't harm the dog in anyway (it's a dog...not only is it cute it could be helpful)

Barbara Stuber 
I thought it wouldn't be on on Thanksgiving, but it's going to be so hard waiting two weeks!

Mollie Katherine Robinette 
This show is really addicting and it keeps me on my toes with the whole case. Can't wait till next week's episode. I hope Carver doesn't die at the end of the show.

Lindsay Wilcox 
I can't help feeling like the second half brought it back to being exactly like Broadchurch. They took a detour in the end of 6 and all of 7, but it's like they wrapped it all back up in 8 and it's back to being Broadchurch.
I mean, I liked Broadchurch, but if I wanted to watch it again, I'd watch the original!

Patrick Sue-Chan 
When he thought he was dying I was hoping for "I don't wanna go!"

Cheryl Rosecrans 
It wasn't as different as I would have liked, but I still loved it. Paul is so creepy I would never go to church again.

Traci Bowers Ward 
The dream sequence was unnerving. Loved it!
I got so caught up in the scene where Carver went down. It took me a second to realize * I * wasn't breathing either!

Trooper Jim Salvino 
Another great episode twists and turns, had me pasing right and left not sure who it could be right now but I'm betting on the Priest.

Mercedes Allen 
Kept my interest... when the skateboard was dropped off on the Miller's doorstep...that's when it started getting good..

Katie Walker 
I adore David Tennant. (He'll always be my Doctor ) I love that there is subtle humor between Carver and Ellie. It helps lighten the mood in between super intense scenes.

Amanda Reed 
Love the show. I find the priest creepy. To be honest I would have left Tennent on the ground to go after the suspect.

Jennifer Williams Holt 
Can't believe it's just two more to go...I can't wait to.see the conclusion but ill.miss it so much.

Carol Riedel 
I really liked the new twists and even Carver's dream was different from Hardy's. I now think it's not the same killer. The person was shorter, can really run and knew the woods. The one thing that made me sad is watching Carver collapse. It was hard enough when Hardy did it.

Sheri Koteles Supena 
Seriously Gracepoint is the quickest hour in television. I'm glued to my tv curse the commercials & can't get enough. And now we're being tortured over Thanksgiving waiting to know Detective Carver's fate! GEEZ. Only 2 more episodes left - very sad. Sure hope there's a Season 2! Been a long time since I've had this much fun watching TV!

Cheyenne Eagle 
I hate cliffhangers but this episode was amazing!!!!!!! I am sad only 2 episodes left I am going to miss it!!!!

Michelle Newman 
Good episode. Tension building among characters. Love the show.

Pamela Bennett 
This just keeps getting better and better. So many loose ends, so many red herrings, so many revelations, both of plot and character ... I have to watch it again. And maybe again! (Thank-you, DVR technology.) The acting is phenomenal. David's "I think I'm dying!" scene had me gripping the arms my chair...yikes! what a cliff-hanger. I'm so very disappointed that I have to wait another 2 weeks for the next episode. I would happily forget the good company and the turkey plus trimmings to see what happens next.

April May Ohms 
It was another excellent episode. I'm glad of the deviations from Broadchurch big and small so that I am still surprised every episode.

Jennifer Hoffman
I am really enjoying this series. And I like build up of all the potential suspects. And then how each leads to a dead end. The is like being caught in a maze.

Sue Armstrong 
That nightmare Carver was having said a lot about him; cases like this really do affect him deeply, even physically. And he's developing connections, despite himself. Using Miller's first name attests to that.

Jessy Frey 
I love this show. I've watch Broadchurch a bunch of time, and the human drama is fantastic, even when you know who the killer is, but I love watching the same kind of quality show and one again enjoy the feeling of not knowing the outcome. Can't wait for next week 

Sharon Rudd 
Don't die. Please don't die.

Stacy Gummert 
It was so good! Can David Tennant please have an Emmy?

Gracepoint continues on Fox in the USA and Global in Canada on Thursday 4th December at 9pm ET. 
It also airs at 8.30pm on Friday 5th December on the Universal Channel in Australia.