FAN REACTION: Gracepoint Episode 7

On 13th November Episode 7 of Gracepoint premiered and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama. 
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In last night's episode Detective Miller faced a crisis in her own family that may lead to a new suspect, and Detective Carver had an unexpected visitor at the police station.

If you haven't seen the episode yet do not read the comments as they do contain spoilers.

Here's a selection of your comments:

Pamela Bennett 
What an intense shift in the story line! With Tom missing, and the backpacker turning up, and Carter's daughter on the scene unexpectedly, all kinds of layers and complications and challenges have been revealed. The acting and the writing are brilliant. I want next Thursday to be here already so I can see what happens. Great show.

José Alejandro 
For me this episode was Intense!!! I wasnt able to watch Broadchurch episode 7... so im no sure if this episode is equivalent to that one... but i loved this episode, in the sense that it was intense and made you think a lot and guess a lot!! Great episode!! Even more, seen Carvers relationship with his daughter!!

Carol Riedel 
I liked it, but Carver's daughter was a bit of a brat. I also wonder if that hiker guy is just doing an act. Could he be something more? A PI maybe and Danny asked him to look into where his father's going at night?

Stephanie Carter Webb 
I just hope that Tennant's character makes it to the end of the 10th show.

Anna-Marie Mackenzie 
Love how it's moving away from Broadchurch (which I loved). I have no idea who the killer is and I like that.

Trooper Jim Salvino 
On the edge of my seat. So many twists and turns the clues are hidden between every line. One minute I think it's one person the next I think it's another. Question after question keeps popping up in my mind.

Stacey Skinner 
This ep was wonderfully intense! Anna Gunn & David Tennant both did such great jobs in this ep! You are not joking when you say that everyone's a suspect! It's keeping me guessing!

Jean Highland
Love it! I want more! I never want it to end! Every episode gets more and more exciting with new twists and turns along the way.

Rebecca Bandhu 
I like that we finally got to meet Carver's daughter in this episode and see a bit of their relationship. Was so not expecting Tom to disappear though!! This new plot twist is exciting and really intense and I'm absolutely loving it!!! This show is great and David is doing such an awesome job!! Can't wait to see what happens next week!!

Sue Armstrong 
Carver continues to grow more sympathetic as we get to know him better and understand his motivations. Great to see Miller so fierce and toughening up a bit. Sometimes you need to be a hardass to get things done. The pressure on these two, and the intensity of the story, are ramping up and I wanted to keep watching when the hour was up!

Stephen Monte 
David is a Superb as is Anna ...the show keeps you on the edge of your seat ..and when it's over (in the blink of an eye) you just want more ! It keeps twisting and really want a season 2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana Tomaszewski 
I loved Broadchurch and didn't watch Gracepoint from the beginning because it's the same storyline. I did tune in tonight as I want to see who the American killer is. It's really hard to listen to David with an Anerican accent. I had a hard time with Martin Freeman in Fargo too but it does grow on one eventually

Betty Fawcett 
Just LOVE this show !!!!! It is really getting good now, really exciting. All of the actors and actresses are wonderful and I just love David Tennant. He is just Fabulous !!!!!

Heatherangel Libby 
I have never wanted Thursday night to get here so badly! Gracepoint is very well done. David Tennant is riveting, especially during the highly emotionally charged scenes that reach right into your gut. Can not wait for more from this show, and from Mr. Tennant, here and beyond!

Gracepoint continues on Fox in the USA and Global in Canada on Thursday 20th November at 9pm ET. 
It also airs at 8.30pm on Friday 21st November on the Universal Channel in Australia.