FAN REACTION: Gracepoint Episode 6

On 6th November Episode 6 of Gracepoint premiered and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama. 
Thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here

In last night's episode the town of Gracepoint continued to turn on Jack, but he wasn't the only one hiding something and Beth decided to finally confront Gemma.

Here's a selection of your comments:

Gail Daniels 
I find the hour flies by, so riveted to the story line and the depth of your character. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Crystal Falcione 
What an amazing actor! I swear he can play any role!

Lilly Rivera Reynolds 
Glad Tennant's character lightened up a bit, if only for a moment

Tricia Arsenault 
Brilliant show! Loved Broadchurch, love David Tennant. I love that it keeps you guessing. Just when you think you have it figured out .... BAM .... they hit you with something else!

Teresa Summerhill 
Love the show! It is strange to see 10 with an american accent but it works! I loved how we got to see a bit of 10 again when he was teasing Ellie and I laughed at the awkward scene with Gemma.

Jennifer Barone 
Hilarious and heartbreaking, all in the span of one this show!

Cathy Mea Keish Watson 
I loved Broadchurch and I love Gracepoint. Still can't get use to the American accent though. Loved it tonight when he asked her if she wanted to stay and relax,,,,lololol

Joy Polley 
They did Jack's story well. I like Owen's integrity, but that missing boat will raise some questions.

Lucy Downey 
Broadchurch was great and Gracepoint is great as well. I'm sick of reading complains about David's accent, his accent is great, he is an excellent actor.

Heather Phillips 
I think Broadchurch was better all the way around. Why didn't they just air that instead of rehashing it for America?

Lancie Crumpton 
I think I felt the sorriest for Jack. His story was a tragic one, and hated to see him go. (Now I really wish I had been able to watch Broadchurch to see the original. If last night's episode had me saddened, the original probably would've had me in tears.)

Natalia Hernandez 
Gracepoint is certainly delivering these days. Nick Nolte's character suddenly became that haunting man that changes before your eyes and whose growth you'd eagerly follow. There is some slow but interesting chemistry developing between Carver and Ellie and I'll be happy to see where it goes. We're getting closer to the end now, and it is evident that Gracepoint can stand alone as a sister-show to Broadchurch, not as its shadow anymore.

Gracepoint continues on Fox in the USA and Global in Canada on Thursday 13th November at 9pm ET. 
It also airs at 8.30pm on Friday 14th November on the Universal Channel in Australia.