FAN REACTION: Gracepoint Episode 5

On 30th October Episode 5 of Gracepoint premiered and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama. 
Thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here

In Episode 5 Jack Reinhold's dark past came to light and Beth Solano decided to open up to the press.

Here's a selection of your comments:

Meredith Carroll 
The dinner scene was fabulous. My heart broke a little when Carver was leaving his daughter yet another message while walking back to the inn. I just love David's acting and the honesty in his eyes in that scene made me actually say, "Aww. Call your father, Julia!" I haven't had a show to look forward to since NBC canceled Chuck, so I'm thoroughly enjoying Gracepoint.

Mechelle Dawn Steenburg 
I loved it! If it follows Broadchurch I know who did it but I am still totally enthralled and looking for clues. I guess the killer does act odd but so far not any more than the others. Of course they could totally change it up on me.

Wendy Stewart
 It gets better with each episode. David is awesome. It is a well written and intriguing series. Also, I love David.

Luna Sin Planeta 
Complains until now: none. It's getting better and more exciting with each episode. The dinner scene was my favorite. David and Anna are amazing together.

Robin Santora 
I LOVED it!! I loved seeing David's character smile and joke for a change during dinner!!  And Nick Nolte was great too!

Jennifer Zych Lipinsky 
Just when you thought you were getting close to get a clearer picture, you get psycho Sue, Seriously creepy priest, and supremely suspicious Vince. Love it. I am tired though of people saying they don't like it because they saw Broadchurch. I didn't see it and I think Greacepoint is brilliant!

Annie Morris 
I loved the character of Alec Hardy very much. But I am seriously loving Mr Tennant's Carver. He is so dead pan, but captivating. I am still not too sure about Anna Gunn's Ellie, but well acted. Unfortunately it's the Solanto family I just cannot relate to. Excellent series though, different enough from Broadchurch to be interesting in its own right. However, it's hard having become accustomed to binge viewing whole series in a sitting, to have to wait a whole week between episodes. Patience, patience...

Alondra Soli'deoGloria Hanley 
I have seen and loved Broadchurch, I know this will end different, though it is similar I do enjoy seeing different actors play this out. This cast is great! Of course David is my all time favorite actor, so I just love him to pieces. I cringed at his American accent at first just because it seemed to weird, now I am.used to it, it flawless, I notice Brits and similar doing an American accent over pronounce their R's, he even knows to not do that and has the nuances of how we speak. Just go to his talent and dedication

Betty Johnson 
As the characters develop and the stories unfold, each episode is better than the one before. A very talented cast gives convincing performances. I hope to see more such tremendous work from the Gracepoint producers.

Sheri Koteles Supena 
Loved the episode. I'm adding more people to my suspicious list every day. Nick Nolte superb. Actress playing Beth breaks my heart every week. Miller dinner scene awesome. Detective Carver's illness troublesome. And Det Carver on doorstep with flowers, wine & chocolate - made my heart flutter!!!!

Maurine Tritch 
I really liked ep 4 because that one deviated from Broadchurch the most so far. This one was pretty by the book. But the dinner scene was delightful in both. I found myself thinking, well, at least here I can rule out who actually was the killer in Broadchurch! I miss Arthur Darvill's portrayal of the minister though, this guy just seems smarmy.

Maria Martinez 
I really enjoyed it! It's amazing what happens when you scratch the surface of people's lives. Proof that it's never what it appears.

Pamela Miller 
I like David and some of the other actors but the story is moving too slowly for me. Too many of the characters are so very unlikeable that I am finding it hard to watch the show.

Dianna M. Johnson 
Hate the show, hard to watch the show. No character chemistry.

Traci Bowers Ward 
I love Gracepoint! I'm enjoying how the story is diverging from the Broadchurch plot lines. Binge watched the UK version; this weekly wait from one episode to the next is excruciating. 
DT is perfection in everything he does.

Lucy Cali 
I'm spending a lot of time trying to figure out what is wrong with "EMMET" the show and it looks like next week is going to be even more interesting!

Laurie J. Lahr 
I prefer the original version with all the accents.

Lindsey Laroche 
I'm still mad David Tennent doesn't have his accent. But i do love his character. There are so many people right now that could be the prime suspect, I think that's what is keeping me hooked.

Krysia Dour 
Broadchurch was more cohesive. Gracepoint is just too drawn out and David Tennant's American accent is distracting. Why not broadcast Broadchurch instead?

Mary Yeatman Altine 
I love this show! Every time I think I know who did it..something happens to change my mind..I cannot figure out who the murderer is yet. Best Show on TV !

Betty Newman
I really like this series just when I think I know who did it I find that I change my mind by the end of it!

Darkdeth Evilman 
I enjoy how the show keeps second guessing yourself on who did it. Mr. Tennant is a brilliant actor

Gracepoint continues on Fox in the USA and Global in Canada on Thursday 6th November at 9pm ET. 
It also airs at 8.30pm on Friday 7th November on the Universal Channel in Australia.