VIDEO: Gracepoint Talking Point Episode 1 Featuring David Tennant

"There's a lot of secrets in Gracepoint, there's a lot of people leading double lives or hiding things," says David Tennant in a new Gracepoint Talking Point video promo released by Fox TV. 

David plays Detective Emmett Carver, the lead investigator in the hunt for the killer of a young boy in a small Californian town. Any one of the residents of the close knit community could be guilty, and the pressure and scrutiny will soon be forcing long held secrets to the surface. Carver's speech at the close of the first episode introduces the viewer to their potential suspects.

"Carver is threatening to get inside and crack everyone's lives open," adds David.

Watch the clip here:

Gracepoint is a ten-part event series from Fox following the impact of the murder of a local boy on a small community. The show is based on the original UK series Broadchurch, but the producers promise new twists and a different ending. Gracepoint also stars Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte, Michael Peña, Virginia Kull and Sarah-Jane Potts.

Watch episode 2 of Gracepoint on Fox in the USA and Golbal in Canada on Thursday 9th October ay 9pm ET, and at 8.30pm on Friday 10th October on Universal Channel in Australia.