VIDEO: Gracepoint Episode 3 Sneak Peek: "You Work With Mark Solano, Then?"

In a new video clip released by FOX TV from episode 3 of Gracepoint, San Francisco Globe journalist Renee Clemons (Jessica Lucas) approaches Vince Novik (Stephen Louis Grush), apprentice in the plumbing firm owned by Mark Solano, the father of murder victim Danny. Renee's reception is somewhat frostier than he she had hoped.

Watch the clip here:

Gracepoint follows the impact on a sleepy Californian town of the murder of a twelve-year old boy and the subsequent hunt for his killer. The ten-part series is based on the UK drama Broadchurch, but the producers say that Gracepoint will diverge from the original plot with new suspects and a new killer. The series also stars David Tennant, Anna Gunn and Nick Nolte.

Watch Gracepoint episode 3 on Thursday 16th October on Fox in the USA and Global in Canada at 9pm ET. The episode will also air in Australia on Friday 17th October at 8.30pm on the Universal Channel.

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