PREVIEW: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #3 From Titan Comics

The latest issue in the brand new fully authorised adventures of the Tenth Doctor as, portrayed by David Tennant, is released on Wednesday 8th October in both print comic and digital form.

Torn between the homeworld of vicious psychic parasites, and the worsening chaos in Sunset Park, the Doctor must battle through his worst nightmares in order to save the lives of everyone in New York – and the world!
His sole ally, if she’s strong enough to withstand the aliens’ psychic predations? Gabriella Gonzalez!
With the help of a trusty Sonic Screwdriver and a frustrated Mexican-American artist, trapped in her father’s Laundromat… can the Doctor defeat the ultimate bad spirits?
And what will be left of Gabby’s corner of the world if she and the Doctor succeed?

Nick Abadzis and Elena Casagrande are joined by new regular cover artist Verity Glass to blow the TARDIS doors off – as Gabriella’s first arc comes to a stunning conclusion!

Travelling alone, the Doctor has been tracking the source of an anomaly and the trail has led him to a fear-gripped Brooklyn where he runs into the feisty and intelligent Gabriella Gonzalez. Having identified the threat as the Cerebravores, non-corporeal psychic parasites, the Doctor and Gabby track the invasion back to Gabby's father's Laundromat, where a wormhole has opened up. The Doctor dives down the wormhole while Gabby guards the other end - but now they are both under attack in two separate worlds.

The Doctor has to face visions of some of his most terrifying foes as he comes face to face with one of the psyche sucking Cerebravores. With typical ingenuity and sheer strength of will he manages to break free from their grip but it's with indignant horror that he discovers the origin of the Cerebravores and the fate of their creators and, worse still, that his beloved Earth is now in danger. Meanwhile, the beleaguered Gabby is having to turn to her own talents to keep the threat at bay. 

With the solution in hand it's for the Doctor to do what he does best: put his faith in the human race and encourage them to use their own positivity to get themselves out of trouble. Along the way he finds more things that impress him about Gabby and in the end he is won over by her open-mindedness, her courage and her desire to learn. And at the same time he too is recovering from the hurt of losing Donna and realises that the time might be right to travel with a companion again. The introductory adventure introducing the Doctor and Gabby has shown them bonding and learning to respect and value one another, offering the promise of some exciting new stories ahead.

So, of course, he offers her a trip in the TARDIS. Just one trip, mind...

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #3 goes on sale from Wednesday 8th October
To buy your copy:
UK: buy through Forbidden Planet - the store will also ship worldwide
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The issue is available in variant covers: the regular Verity Glass cover (above) plus the subscription cover and Elena Casagrande cover (below). Other variant specific to comic stores and events may be available - please check your local store