PHOTOS: David Tennant & Freema Agyeman Filming Doctor Who Smith & Jones #ThrowbackThursday

Today's Throwback Thursday post is a collection of photos of David Tennant and Freema Agyeman filming the Doctor Who episode Smith And Jones in Cardiff back in 2006.

Smith and Jones sees the introduction of the Doctor's new companion, Martha Jones. Martha is Rose Tyler's first permanent replacement in the TARDIS and writer Russell T Davies was only too aware of getting her character's attributes right in order to please the devoted fans who had grown attached to the feisty and emotional Rose.
One of Russell's first ideas was for Martha to be from 1914, but he changed his mind and made her a thoroughly modern young woman from the new millennium instead. She was to be an intelligent and sophisticated woman, a contrast to the teenage Rose who relied on her heart and her instincts rather than anything she had learnt from a book.
As with the opening episode of 'New Who' Rose, Smith and Jones focuses on the Doctor's companion and introduces her family, although Russell had decided that Martha's family were not going to have as much influence as the Tylers.

Freema Agyeman was cast in the role as Martha Jones on 15th February 2006 and the casting of the rest of her family followed shortly afterwards.
Rose Tyler actress Billie Piper admitted she felt 'jealous' when she saw Freema on her first cover of Doctor Who Magazine.

Russell T Davies decided not to release the episode titles for the 2007 episodes too soon, so as to avoid possibly giving plot details away. He also toyed with the idea of calling the first episode Martha to follow on from Rose's debut in the 2005 episode Rose.

Russell scrapped a scene from the episode where the Doctor and Martha were to scale the outside of the hospital in a window cleaner's cradle. The scene was deemed too long and was cut, however a similar scene takes place in the 2008 episode Partners In Crime with the Doctor and Donna Noble.

Smith And Jones and The Shakespeare Code were filmed as part of the same production block and were both directed by Charles Palmer.
Charles is the son of the actor Geoffrey Palmer who had starred in classic Doctor Who and who later starred in the 2007 Christmas Special Voyage Of The Damned.

Filming on Smith And Jones started on 8th August 2006 and Freema Agyeman recorded her first scene as Martha at the University of Glamorgan which was standing in for the fictional Royal Hope University.

References to Harold Saxon crop up in this episode with Morgenstern referring to a him during his radio broadcast and saying that the events at the hospital prove Saxon's theories on aliens to be correct. 
A 'Vote Saxon' poster is also seen in an alleyway when the Doctor is collecting Martha during a trailer for the series. These posters were first seen in the Torchwood episode Captain Jack Harkness. Saxon is a recurring theme throughout series 3.

During Smith And Jones Martha makes references to the events of several previous episodes of Doctor Who including a spaceship crashing into Big Ben (Aliens Of London), the Sycorax invasion (The Christmas Invasion) and the Empress of Rachnoss (The Runaway Bride). 
She also mentions that her cousin Adeloa, worked at Canary Wharf and disappeared, the Doctor realises that she was killed by the Cybermen. This reference was made to explain the similarities between Martha and Adeloa (Army Of Ghosts) as they were of course both played by Freema.

Whilst the Doctor is investigating the strange goings on at the hospital he checks himself in as a patient using the alias, John Smith. This name was given to him by former companion Jamie McCrimmon in the Patrick Troughton era serial The Wheel In Space.