Penguins: Spy In The Huddle Scoops Panda Award In Wildlife Film Festival

The John Downer Productions wildlife series Penguins: Spy In The Huddle was named winner of the Nat Geo WILD Popular Broadcast Award in the 2014 Panda Awards held last night in Bristol. The three part documentary series is narrated by David Tennant and originally aired on BBC One in February 2013. It saw off competition from Animal Odd Couples (Oxford Scientific Films), Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero (BBC) and Operation Iceberg: Birth Of A 'Berg (BBC Scotland).

Dolphins: Spy In The Pod, also narrated by David, was nominated for the ORF Universum Animal Behaviour Award but lost out to Chimpanzee (Disneynature).

Filmmaker John Downer, the producer of both programmes, was presented with the Christopher Parsons Outstanding Achievement Award.

The Panda Awards, also known as the Green Oscars, mark the climax of the Wildscreen Film Festival, held in various venues around Bristol to celebrate all aspects of wildlife filmmaking. 

Penguins: Spy In The Huddle
From the freezing ice to the scorching desert, the team that brought you the award-winning Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice now reveals the intimate behaviour of nature’s most devoted parents – from emperor penguins in Antarctica, rockhopper penguins on the Falkland Islands and Humboldt penguins in the Atacama Desert of Peru.
Key to the success of the spycam missions are the animatronic cameras cleverly disguised as lifesize penguins which can silently infiltrate the colonies to record the penguins’ often emotional, and sometimes amusing, behaviour….