OUT TODAY: Titan Comics Present Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor #3

The third volume in the new series from Titan Comics: Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor is out today in print and digital editions. The new series follows the Doctor, as portrayed on screen by Matt Smith, in brand new adventures with new foes and a new companion.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #3
There’s a devil out on the bayou, or so they say… Something stalking bluesmen through the swamps of Mississippi, offering them talent beyond imagining, worlds at their feet - in exchange for their souls!
When Alice asks the Doctor if they can visit one of her mother’s musical heroes, she’s initially disappointed. Is Jones, a forgettable singer whose talent seems to be that of disappearing in a crowded room, really the colossal talent who brought passion, creativity and meaning to her mother’s life?
And what does he have to do with the nightmarish deals taking place in the dead of night…?

Following their escape from the clutches of SERVEYOUinc and the enigmatic Chief Security Officer on Rokhandi, the Doctor and his latest companion, former library assistant Alice Obiefune, continue their travels together. But it seems that the malevolent corporation still have the Time Lord in their sights and will travel through space and time to find him and make him join them.

Stepping back a little we find a bantering Doctor and Alice in the mood for some reminiscing. The Doctor volunteers to take his companion back in time to the first ever gig by John Jones, soon to emerge as the Chameleon of Pop, Xavi Moonburst. To their horror they discover that he is an uncharismatic bore with no discernible talent. Stung by Alice's criticism, Jones follows them into the TARDIS...which is how a future rock god with the ability to be almost invisible ends up helping a librarian and a Delta Blues musician to save the day. Look out too for a starring role from the Third Doctor's iconic car Bessie - but as you've never seen her before! 

The story is written by Rob Williams with art by Simon Fraser. The regular cover art is by Verity Glass, but as usual there are multiple special and limited edition covers available, so check with your local comic book store.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #3 goes on sale from Wednesday 1st October

To buy your copy:
UK: buy through Forbidden Planet - the store will also ship worldwide
Buy as a digital download through ComiXology

USA customers can also buy through Hastings or Barnes & Noble stores

The Eleventh Doctor will return in Issue #4 on 22nd October.