ITV To Air Gracepoint In The UK In The Next Few Months

ITV are close to announcing officially that they will be screening Gracepoint, the American remake of their own award winning drama Broadchurch.

David Tennant stars in the FOX TV remake as Detective Emmett Carver, the American counterpart to permanently grumpy Scots detective Alec Hardy. He is joined by Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn as Ellie Miller and veteran US actor Nick Nolte, who plays Jack Reinhold, a character based on Jack Marshall, originally played by David Bradley. Of the original series team, Chris Chibnall and Jane Featherstone are among the executive producers and James Strong and Euros Lyn have both directed episodes. Early episodes are closely based on the original scripts by Chris Chibnall, but the producers have assured viewers that the plot will soon take its own direction and will have a different killer. 

It is thought that the drama will be airing within the next few months. However, it's bad news for non-satellite viewers: it has been suggested by the Daily Mirror (though not confirmed) that ITV will screen the series on the Sky exclusive channel ITV Encore, normally reserved for repeats of recent dramas.

Production is also drawing to a close on the second series of Broadchurch  which sees the return of many of the cast of the first series, including David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Arthur Darvill and Jodie Whittaker. The drama is expected to return to ITV early next year.