GRACEPOINT: Episode 4 Synopsis Released (Potential Spoilers)

FOX TV have released a short synopsis of episode 4 of Gracepoint the new ten-part event series starring David Tennant and Anna Gunn. The episode will air on Thursday 23rd October.

Gracepoint follows the search for the killer of a young boy in a small northern Californian town. It also looks at the effect that the crime has on the community where everyone has a secret and anyone can be a suspect.

Read the episode summary below:


Thursday, October 23, On FOX

New suspects make the list as the detectives learn that Danny had some secrets of his own. Meanwhile, Detective Carver is also keeping things hidden that could affect his ability to finish the case in the all-new Episode Four of GRACEPOINT airing Thursday, Oct. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. 

Cast: David Tennant as Detective Emmett Carver; Anna Gunn as Detective Ellie Miller; Michael Peña as Mark Solano; Virginia Kull as Beth Solano; Nick Nolte as Jack Reinhold; Jacki Weaver as Susan Wright; Josh Hamilton as Joe Miller; Kevin Rankin as Paul Coates; Kevin Zegers as Owen Burke; Jessica Lucas as Renee Clemons; Stephen Louis Grush as Vince Novik; Madalyn Horcher as Chloe Solano; Sarah-Jane Potts as Gemma Fisher; Jack Irvine as Tom Miller; Kendrick Sampson as Dean Iverson.

Guest Cast: Adam Greydon Reid as Raymond Connelly; Nikolas Filipovic as Danny Solano; Tom Butler as Chief Terrence Morgan; Darcy Laurie as Hugo Garcia; Patrick Gilmore as Pete Lawson; Brendan Fletcher as Lars Pierson/Backpacker; Bryce Hodgson as Mickey Felton; Alison Matthews as Desk Sergeant/Tammy Holt; Yvette Dudley-Neuman as Chicken Woman; Daniel Kelly as Warehouse Manager; Chloe Babcook as Julianne.

The episode also airs at 9pm ET, Thursday 23rd October on Global in Canada and at 8.30pm, Friday 24th October on Universal in Australia.