GRACEPOINT: Episode 2 - The Clues And Suspects So Far

After the second episode of Gracepoint the hunt for the killer of twelve-year old Danny Solano is well under way and the clues are turning up thick and fast. Some of the residents of the town of Gracepoint have already come under the scrutiny of Detectives Emmett Carver and Ellie Miller (David Tennant and Anna Gunn) - but do you think that they're looking in the right direction?

Here's a quick down of the clues and incidents so far, and a look at the main suspects.

Discoveries at the Solano house
CSI Hugo Garcia (Darcy Laurie) turned up two major finds during a search of the family home: $500 in cash hidden under Danny's bed and a small amount of cocaine in Chloe's (Madalyn Horcher) room. The cocaine was eventually explained to a certain extent - the actual source wasn't named by Chloe but it is apparently her boyfriend Dean Iverson (Kendrick Sampson). The reason for the money was not revealed. Chloe insists that Danny was not involved in the drug deal.

The backpacker
A whole day after he was first visited by the police, Jack Reinhold (Nick Nolte) called back Emmett Carver to give him some new information. He had remembered seeing Danny a few days earlier conversing with a mysterious backpacker. Danny appeared to be relaxed and laughing in conversation with this stranger. However, the identity of the backpacker is still unknown and there are no other witnesses who remember seeing him around the town.

The drug dealing hotelier
Chloe names innkeeper Gemma Fisher (Sarah-Jane Potts) as the person who requested the cocaine found in her bedroom. Gemma, when questioned, insists it was a one-off deal to fulfil a request by some guests and that she went through Chloe and never met the dealer.

The skateboard
The reclusive Susan Wright (Jacki Weaver) seems keen to avoid the attentions of the police, even doing an about face when she encounters Carver up on Harvey Ridge Lookout while walking her dog. And there's reason too - when Carver calls to her trailer to pick up the keys to the hut, the viewer - but not Carver - realises that there is a skateboard stashed in her closet. Is it Danny's?

The priest and the mother
Paul Coates (Kevin Rankin) is an old friend of the Solanos; their friendship dates back over 20 years. He has been away from Gracepoint but returned as a man of the cloth. It is suggested that he and Beth were a lot closer in their past, something corroborated by Mark's angry reaction to Paul's TV appearance, ending in a warning to the priest to stay away from his wife.

Psychic messages
Telephone engineer Raymond Connelly (Adam Greydon Reid) informed detectives Carver and Miller that he had received some messages from Danny from beyond the grave. He told them that water and a boat were involved in the murder. Perhaps, considering the seaside location and the amount of notes about the case scattered around the police station, this could be considered a lucky guess - but then Raymond also had a message for Carver from his previous case.

The Rosemont connection
There is more information about Carver emerging thanks to the arrival in town of journalist Renee Clemons (Jessica Lucas). Carver was previously involved in an unsolved case where three children went missing. Apparently absolved of all blame for the collapse of the case, he now turns up in another town, a community with barely any crime, only to have the brutal murder of a child occur within a week of his arrival.

Danny's journal
Danny's computer reveals he had kept a journal and it seems that things weren't always great for him. He seemed to have had enough of things, was worried about Mark being 'about to kill me' and wanted an escape, He also wrote, 'I think I know what he's doing'. Had he uncovered something he shouldn't have?

Tom's behaviour
Tom Miller (Jack Irvine), Danny's best friend, deleted all of his texts from Danny and his laptop's hard drive on hearing about the murder. This week he remains concerned that the police will need to talk to him and is withdrawn and suffering from nightmares.

CCTV Footage
Mark Solano (Michael Peña) claimed he was out on a plumbing job on the night of Danny's murder. CCTV footage actually reveals him waiting for someone in a car park by his pickup. The footage cuts out before the other person arrives. Mark claims he went out for beers and food with a friend, a friend whose name he has conveniently forgotten.

The Harvey Ridge House
The police search of the house reveals some pretty damning evidence as far as one of the town's residents is concerned. Spots of Danny's blood were found on the decking outside, and it looks like the police have their murder scene. This means that Danny's body was moved two miles to be left on the beach. Inside, the house had been thoroughly cleaned, but one section was missed. The CSI team found some fingerprints - Mark Solano's.

You can join the hunt for Danny's killer yourself and vote for who you think is guilty on the Fox TV Suspect Everyone webpage. And you can vote as many times as you want, so it doen't matter if you change your mind as new evidence comes in - just vote again.

The top 5 suspects to date are:

1. Mark Solano 
(19% vote)
Danny's dad doesn't have a proper alibi for the night of the murder. He was also lying about his whereabouts as revealed by CCTV. His fingerprints have been found at the murder scene.

2. Tom Miller
(19% vote)
Danny's classmate deleted all of his cellphone messages and cleared his laptop hard drive. He definitely seems to be hiding something.

3. Joe Miller
(13% vote)
Ellie's husband is home all day looking after the couple's two children, and no evidence seems to have linked him to the crime. However, he and Tom seem to be very close and he is protective of his son.

4. Paul Coates
(10% vote)
Paul is an old friend of Beth and Mark Solano, but his relationship to Beth may run deeper than a childhood friendship, something that seems to enrage Mark. He has been away from Gracepoint, returning to take up the role of local minister though his flock is small. Would he do something this drastic to attract a congregation?

5. Vince Novik
(8% vote)
Vince works for Mark as an apprentice plumber. So far little is known about his relationship to Danny and there is no real evidence to link him to the crime.