FAN REACTION: Gracepoint Episode 4

On 23rd October the Episode 4 of Gracepoint premiered and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama. 
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In Episode 4 the list of suspects began to grow as the detectives learnt that Danny had some secrets of his own. Meanwhile, Detective Carver is also keeping things hidden that could affect his ability to finish the case 

Here's a selection of your comments:

Kathy George Cook

I liked it. It's interesting to see how they are starting to veer off from the Broadchurch storyline now.

Sarah Rishty 
The episode was really intense and the secrets are far from finished in terms of being revealed.

Marc Connolly 
Last episode for me. Love David, but this show is such heavy melodrama. And its weird to hear that accent come out of his mouth. I hope you can forgive an undying Who fan, David, and I wish you the best, but this isn't for me.

Jennifer Barone 
I love this show...keeps you guessing and the hour just flies by!

Trenton Cadle 
so when does everyone find out he is a time lord? and why has he not use his sonic screwdriver? COME ON DOCTOR!!

Cheryl Marie Stoner Crawford 
really great episode still many twists and turns everyone is suspect David Tennant is doing a incredible job

Allison Olson 
I like the new twists that have been created for this remake. I will say it started out a little slow, but it's getting better each episode. This show has passed my DVR test.

Courtney Ledford 
I loved this episode because it finally started to branch off into its own series.

Cheryl Rosecrans 
I love that we are seeing a much more in depth look at their lives and the way Carver's statement about not ever really knowing someone else is so very true. More than one compass has been broken. It was a superb episode.

Jennifer Anders Miller 
I loved how he made saying "yes" to dinner at her house sound so painful.

Lisa Severance 
I have loved watching the characters develop as the mystery deepens. and yes the mystery is getting deeper instead of clearer. I was anxiously waiting for this show and it has not disappointed me yet!

Pamela Page 
Like the British version better

Betty Johnson 
A very well-written story, fast-paced and tight. Twists that raise the eyebrow at first develop into their own intriguing lines within the story. The show is about the innocent bystanders as much as it is about the suspects.

Carol Kauffman 
Excellent episode, Gracepoint is starting to step out from behind Broadchurch's shadow. Anna Gunn is great as the fast driving, much put-upon Ellie. And David Tennant never disappoints,he is even better as Carver. And so many suspects!

Grant Blair 
Glad the plot is diverging more from Broadchurch and Miller is starting to grow on me (even with her ridiculous accent). Still having one hell of a time getting over Tennant's accent, though - it's just wrong on so many levels. The priest guy is super-eerie, though. Prone to violence, a past relationship with the mom, does weird stuff - quite unlike Arthur in the original.

Krysia Dour 
I'm not sure I like David Tennant's American accent. Not sure it's the way he does the accent or that I miss his Doctor Who accent and his native Scots accent.

Rita Sodaro 
Wow the plot thickens now I was thinking I knew who did it. Now I'm not sure.

Jennifer Hoffman 
Nobody ever really knows anybody. And everybody's finding that out. I really like this series.

Tim Phillips 
I am really enjoying the deeper character development in this version of the story. Really a lot more depth and richness to this story - including Det.Carver and Danny - both characters are much more interesting.

Lisa Hentschell 
I love David Tennant and will also watch anything he's in... It's only the 4th episode He's so talented he'll get the accent right. Show's awesome!!!

Luna Sin Planeta 
Amazing episode! Everything is turning more complicated for Carver and Miller, the plot is taking its own way and I really like it. I watched the entire series of Broadchurch and, initially I had my doubts about Gracepoint, but not anymore, with each chapter I'm more and more interested, it really got me. Some performances are remarkable (David is brilliant) but in general, everyone is doing an excellent job. I had a couple of theories about the murderer but now everything is complicated again and I'm confused, which is exciting. I look forward to the next episode.

Wendy Macdonald 
Tennant..has stole the show...

Rebekah Landis 
Amazing show, but I have absolutely NO idea who did it!

Episode 5 of Gracepoint starring David Tennant and Anna Gunn airs on Thursday 30th October at 9pm ET/PT on Fox in the USA and on Global in Canada, and also on Friday 31st October at 8.30pm on the Universal Channel in Australia.