Fan Reaction: Gracepoint Episode 3

The third episode of Gracepoint premiered on Fox in the USA, on Global in Canada and on the Universal Channel in Australia last week. We asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought, and there's a selection of the responses below.

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Gracepoint - Episode 3
With the investigation in full swing, Mark Solano is brought in for questioning after getting caught in a lie. Then, Gemma reveals a secret to the detectives and Carver interviews Ellie's son, Tom.

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Tara Kitchens
I think David's character in this show is way different than I've ever seen. Det. Carver said how he hated the land and the people and the everlasting sky (I think) and it really is foreshadowing something about David's character. This dark, mysterious ness along with this side story with the journalist and the other side story with that guy he met up with who talked about Carver's health, it's all very compelling. Don't get me wrong, I like it it's just a different approach is all. I'm really looking forward to finding out David's character role an more importantly, who killed Danny.

Matt Nguyen 
Such a great mystery! The plot twists are interesting. My suspect is the woman in the trailer.

Gloria Vogt 
The show is great, but then again anything that David Tennant is in is great in my book. He is an "AWESOME" ACTOR.

Diane Stormy Causey 
I'm finding this show way too maudlin. Having trouble staying with it

Judith Merkel 
It was a really great episode again. Glad the dad was ruled out. Other than that no real clue yet. Can't wait for next Thurs.

Catherine DiSalvio 
Hold onto your hats folks....,it gets crazy from the show and loved Broadchurch.....the twists and turns will keep you guessing...

Wendy Johnson 
Loved it! still waiting to form a theory! Cannot wait to watch next week!

Anna Blaine 
Can't help but wonder if they schedule Broadchurch/Gracepoint filming around Tennant's facial hair growth.

Patricia Hunt
I envy those who are new to this story--what fun it is to get involved in these characters and the many, many twists and mysteries! Having seen Broadchurch, my reaction to Gracepoint is more muted, but it is involving me more with every episode. I especially like the new nuances and layers David is bringing to Carver. Again, amazing acting! And what a pleasure just to see and hear him.

Tricia Stuart
Love the show, love all of the little twists and secrets, LOVE David Tennant! However, Ellie is starting to annoy me. She takes everything way too personal and will never catch the killer if she sees everyone as an innocent victim and not a potential suspect...

Cheryl Rosecrans
I loved it. I thought i was grittier, I loved that Beth followed Mark and caught his cheating behind. Ellie's dislike for Carver is far more palpable in this. I don't think she will be inviting him for coffee any more let alone supper. The last ten minutes was great. with the changes beginning to show. Even if they didn't, I wouldn't care as this is so well done, that it makes you forget there was a Broadchurch.

Krissy Rysz
Its excellent totally gripping and edge of seat tension

Viktória Mezovská 
I think that one episode a week is not enough...

Episode 4 of Gracepoint airs on Fox in the USA and on Global in Canada at 9pm ET tomorrow night and on the Universal Channel in Australia at 8.30pm on Friday 24th October.