FAN REACTION: Gracepoint Episode 1

On 2nd October the first episode of Gracepoint premiered and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama. 
It was certainly a subject that had you divided. Thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here.

In Episode 1 Detectives Emmett Carver and Ellie Miller investigate the death of a young boy in the California seaside town of Gracepoint.

Here's a selection of some your comments:

Marissa Lennox 
It was amazing!! I can't wait to see the rest! I could tell after the first 5 minutes it was gonna be good! Well done!

Kathy Fenton-Newman 
David's American accent is good but every now and again I here a little bit of Scot come through. I think his character in Gracepoint is meaner than he was in Broadchurch and I am loving it.

Jennifer A. Poulin Grden 
Beautifully acted, nuanced performances and gripping plot

Ivan Flores 
Thought it was good so far but it lacks some of the emotion Broadchurch had it felt a little dry at times if that makes sense

Judy L. Wells 
Outstanding!!! I will be tuning in every week!!!

Erin Baliya 
I like it so far. American accent aside, David Tennant did an amazing job! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! 

Jenn Marie 
I loved it! The different accent took some getting used to, but there's that mystery behind detective Carver. And already, so many characters seemed suspect. Can't wait till next week!

Becki Williams 
I was so excited to watch David Tennant but I couldn't watch much of the show. It was too sad and dreary! 

Leah Straut Dickinson 
It was good , but I found the first Ep of Broadchurch much more intense and riveting , but Tennant is spot on as usual 

Robert Lightbody 
I had a hard time with Tennant's American accent. It threw me off a little. I rationalized that it would be odd having a Scottish/English accent it the small Northern California town...but then...BAM! They have an English inn keeper with an accent.

Steven L Getman 
Really good and riviting I like the American accent on David and see slight changes from Broadchurch.

Callie Gillies Stocks 
It was very good and suspenseful! I will definitely watch every week! And David Tennant continues to be my favorite!

Jamie Frampton 
It was FABULOUS!! DT's accent is awesome! He totally nailed it! 

Sheri Eggert Samson 
I was worried about David pulling off the American accent. But, it was spot on! Loved it. I hope this leads to more American roles

Marc Sorensen 
Though overall not bad, it generally felt weaker that Broadchurch. Gracepoint seemed weaker in acting, directing, cinematography, scenery, pacing, writing, casting, and ESPECIALLY music. Honestly, they should have had Ólafur Arnalds compose for both shows instead of just one. Even that would have made the show better for me. I'll still watch I just know that it won't ever have the place in my heart Broadchurch does.

Jessica Sbei 
Loved it. I am totally hooked. It reminds me a little of Twin Peaks in the best way possible. David Tennant is perfect in this role and he has an excellent supporting cast. I cannot wait for next thursday!

Maryanne Bowes 
This version looks a bit glossier. I'll wait for a couple more episodes to form an opinion because I'm having a problem separating it from Broadchurch and missing Olivia Coleman.

Charles Crawford 
Wow! What a difference! I liked it a lot.

Jeremy Wheeler 
I enjoy the show and realize they had to "Americanize" it but they could have at least let him keep his accent!

Christina Peacock 
I can't wait to see more. David Tennant is one of my favorite actors and I love his character in Gracepoint. I'm very intrigued as to what will come next and how the characters lives will reveal what really happened.

Nat Finn 
Much smoother tempo than the ITV variation. Nicely done.

Donna M. Berrier 
I loved it. Right now it is so different than most of the shows I watch on tv that it kept me riveted the entire episode. I tried to watch for any foreshadowing or clues because I am quite looking forward to seeing this story unfold.

Victoria Jean 
I am so glad that it was so close to the original. Here, in the US, shows are so fast. Dead guy in a minute in, fastest lab results in the world, the first, or very rarely the second person they think of did it. I Really appreciate them telling a story.

Gail Williamson 
I think he's ever grumpier in this one!

Linda LaPoint 
I love David T. But the Brit version was better, as for some reason British shows usually are, but I'll watch it until the end.

Desiree Furcron 
Since i have not seen Broadchurch, i think this was great. It was a little wierd watching David with an American accent. But it was very emotional and i loved it.

Holley Buller 
the only thing i can say after watching gracepoint is, Britain does it better.

Becky Burns 
I love the slow development of the characters, it has to be calculated of it is going to be interesting for another 9 episodes, this isn't a typical show that catches the bad guy by the end of the first hour. I am waiting for the glimpse of a soft hearted David Tennant. His abrupt attitude towards those further grieving the family was just the beginning, I think. I also think each week will get better and better, and can't wait to see how it all turns out. Thank you for bringing David Tennant back to my T.V.

Wendy Southall 
Chemistry between Ten & Gunn was amazing! Nothing like a typical US crime drama, thank God! Totally addicted.

Liz Patrone Freeman 
I'll continue to watch it even though, on first look, I think Broadchurch was better - better acted, better filming, etc. Overall, the Brits do it better.

Bridgette Thau Soileau 
The slower pace storyline of Gracepoint is a breath of fresh air for fast pace American TV.

Jessy Frey 
Loved it! of course, the first episode is almost exactly like the original, so that was expected. Can't wait for the other ones to try and spot the changes... 

Rebecca Delgadillo 
Very well done so far, really looking forward to the rest of the series. The feel is perfect for the story and I am enjoying the idea of solving a mystery while enjoying some great tv

Denise Tucker 
I watched Broadchurch and loved it. I plan on continuing to watch Gracepoint because I think there will be a few twists and turns that will make it different from Broadchurch.

Angela Fowler 
Mysterious and weird, nail biting and can't wait to see the next episode!

Julissa Fikri-Beltagy 
Everyone looks suspect and this show is reeling me in like I'm still left with so many questions. I love it.

Gracepoint continues Thursday 9 October 9pm ET/PT on Fox in the USA & Canada
And on Friday 10 October 8.30pm on Univeral Channel in Australia