DENMARK: The Politician's Husband Starring David Tennant Concludes Tonight

The final episode of The Politician's Husband starring David Tennant and Emily Watson can be seen on DR2 in Denmark tonight. David plays former cabinet minister Aiden Hoynes who becomes consumed by jealousy when his wife Freya's political career overtakes his and who will stop at nothing to regain the power that he once enjoyed.

Politikerens mand
3:3, 21.00
Au pairen Dita fortæller pressen, at hun har haft sex med Aiden. Løgnen sætter Aiden og Freyas ægteskab og karrierer under pres. Samtidig opdager Aiden, at Freya har løjet om, hvor meget tid hun tilbringer sammen med Bruce. Martret af jalousi og paranoia lægger han en plan, der skal bringe ham tilbage i magtens centrum - og Bruce og hans egen kone til fald.

The Politician’s Husband
3: 3, 21.00

Au pair Dita tells the press that she had sex with Aiden. The lie puts Aiden and Freya’s marriage and careers under pressure. At the same time Aiden discovers that Freya has lied about how much time she spends with Bruce. Racked by jealousy and paranoia he puts together a plan that will bring him back into the centre of power - and cause Bruce and his own wife to fall.

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