Chris Chibnall On Broadchurch 2: We Would Not Have Done It Without David Tennant & Olivia Colman

Chris Chibnall, the creator of Broadchurch has said that he would not have gone ahead with the second series of the award winning drama without either of the series main stars, David Tennant and Olivia Colman.

“We would not have done it, absolutely. Luckily they wanted to come back because they weren't contracted to,” he told the Bridport News.

Chris was talking to his local paper to express his thanks to the people of West Dorset for their hospitality and patience while they shot series 2 in various locations around the Bridport and West Bay area. Filming wrapped only on Sunday night and the new series is expected to air early in 2015 on ITV.

“We had a really good time making the first series. We all get on very well, we are all very good colleagues and friends now so it was really a question of did we think there was more to do and we had that conversation between all of us,” Chris continued. “You never take it for granted. I hoped I could talk them round.”

David and Olivia were his first casting choices for the original series too. He had previously worked with David on Doctor Who and the BBC drama United.

“I almost thought I can’t just ask David, that would be lazy but instantly you go ‘he’s the best man for the job’. He’s such a brilliant actor, he is such a fantastic human being, as is Olivia, they are great leaders of a company which is really important when you are together for six or seven months.

“With David and Olivia everybody has a lot of fun, they lead by example, they are very professional, so it is a much more enjoyable process.”

Chris was also full of thanks for the local community who kept information and on-set photos from the shoot off the internet. As with the first series he is keen to keep plot details secret.

“We are keeping secrets so we can get the story onto TV in the same way as the first time where people didn't know what was coming and I think that is what people enjoyed about the first series. It really is for your own good!” he explained. “We are not going to necessarily repeat ourselves beat for beat, we are not going to open with another body on the beach I can tell you that.”

Chris also talked about Gracepoint, the American adaptation of Broadchurch which he executive produced for Fox.

“The intention was to make a version of the show for the American audience who haven’t seen Broadchurch.” he explained. “I think they have done a really good job, I really do. The cast is great.”

Broadchurch star David Tennant also starred in Gracepoint in an equivalent role, this time with an American accent, which has caused some negative comments, mainly in the British press. Chris had to disagree with them.

“Everybody I have spoken to in America says it’s terrific and I think David is the king of accents. I think it is because they are familiar with his Scottish accent they might think that," he said. “He worked with Meryl Streep’s voice coach. I don’t have a problem with it and I know plenty of Americans who don’t either. There are always people to pick holes in things but I do believe there was mention of Dorset accents on Broadchurch when it first came out.”

You can read the rest of Chris Chibnall's interview with the Bridport News here.