AUDIO: David Tennant Talks To KPCC Southern Californian Public Radio

David Tennant took time out to talk to 89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio about his new drama Gracepoint and how it feels to be breaking into American television. The ten-part series which premieres on Fox TV later tonight follows events in a small Californian town after a young boy is found murdered and is a remake of the UK drama Broadchurch in which David played a similar role. 

In conversation with John Horn of The Frame, David talked about his reasons for taking part in the remake of the series, and whether his familiarity with the role affected his performance this time round.

"You're with different people, you are responding to very different reactions, even if there are scenes in there which are almost word-for-word the same. But by the time you get on set with a very different bunch of actors, they feel like different worlds. You're just trying be in that moment and be reacting to the actors in front of you," he said.

He revealed another method that director James Strong used to ensure that he had a fresh approach.

"I got kept in a different hotel for the first week so that I didn't meet certain actors. The family of the murdered boy, played by Michael Peña and Virginia Kull, I didn't meet them at all until we were shooting the scene where I knock on their doors to tell them their son has died. I hadn't looked into Michael Peña's eyes until he opened the door and I showed him my police badge, and that scene ran for the first time and most of that is in the finished cut."

David was also greatly impressed by the rolling on-set buffet that is craft service, something that is generally absent from UK film and TV sets.

"When I would tell this to the cast and crew on Gracepoint, they were slack-jawed with amazement!" he laughed. "They had no notion of how you get through the day."

Gracepoint premieres tonight on Fox in the USA and on Global in Canada at 9pm/8c. It can also be seen in Australia on Friday 3rd October at 8.30pm on Universal Channel.