AUDIO: David Tennant On Broadchurch 2 And What We Did On Our Holiday

David Tennant spoke to Cornish college radio station Penwith Radio recently about his new film What We Did On Our Holiday and about his co-stars Rosamund Pike, Billy Connolly, Ben Miller and the three child actors who play his on-screen kids. He also touched upon the secrecy behind the second series of Broadchurch, which he is currently shooting in various locations around south-west and south-east UK. 

"It's very top secret," he said. "We've all signed so many non-disclosure agreements that I think we'd be picked out by snipers if I told you anything."

What We Did On Our Holiday is the new BBC Films feature written and directed by Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton, the creators of Outnumbered. Asked what made their work so special David said, 

"They manage to show family life in a really candid way that you don't really see on screen often. They show a real truth about what it's like to be either one of the kids or one of the parents, the complexity of those relationships, the joy of those relationships. What's lovely about this film is that they don't shy away from the pain of it as well."

David also admitted to being a little in awe of one of his co-stars

"Billy Connolly is sort of Scottish royalty," he said. "I was properly star-struck for about a week. I couldn't talk to Billy. I think [he] was someone I found really hard just to be normal with."

Listen to the interview in full here

What We Did On Our Holiday follows a family in crisis on a trip up to the Scottish Highlands to celebrate a family birthday. The film is on general release in the UK and Ireland now.

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