Who Is The Gracepoint Killer? Make Your Predictions Now!

A fan of crime drama? Consider yourself an armchair detective? Well, now's your chance to put yourself in the shoes of Detectives Emmett Carver and Ellie Miller and predict who killed young Danny Solano in the brand new FOX TV event series Gracepoint. 

The series begins on Fox on October 2nd, so keep the page in your bookmarks - you can vote as many times as you want and you may want to change your main suspect once the clues start coming in. And even if you've already seen Broadchurch, the original series on which Gracepoint is based, don't be so sure about what you know. The producers of Gracepoint have promised new twists and turns, new suspects and a new killer.

So who is under suspicion? Check out the possible culprits below:

1. Mark Solano (Michael Peña) Murder victim Danny's father. He's well known and well liked in the town but has a quick temper. Did he kill Danny in a moment of madness?

2. Raymond Connelly (Adam Greydon Reid) Does he have some information about Danny's killer. Is he all he says he is?

3. Beth Solano (Virginia Kull) Danny's mother. She is torn apart by grief - but is this hiding her guilt?

4. Chloe Solano (Madalyn Horcher) Danny's sister - did he find out what she's been hiding from her parents?

5. Dean Iverson (Kendrick Sampson) Chloe's secret boyfriend. But what else was he mixed up with - and why was Danny seen on his bike? 

6. Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) One of the detectives on the murder case - but would she kill to protect her own son?

7. Emmett Carver (David Tennant) The detective arrives in town after a failed case - how far would he go to redeem his reputation?

8. Gemma Fisher (Sarah-Jane Potts) An outsider with a failing business...and possibly a big secret to hide

9. Jack Reinhold (Nick Nolte) Jack has been around so long he's an institution in the town. But what do his neighbours really know about his past?

10. Joe Miller (Josh Hamilton) House-husband Joe supports Ellie's career. But what else does he get up to when she's not around?

11. Owen Burke (Kevin Zegers) The local reporter - how far will he go to get noticed by the major press?

12. Paul Coates (Kevin Rankin) Where was the local minister on the night of Danny's murder?

13. Renee Clemons (Jessica Lucas) The ambitious reporter from the big city. What does she know about Emmett Carver? 

14, Susan Wright (Jacki Weaver) An unpleasant mysterious outsider, she seems to have a link with someone close to the Solanos

15. Tom Miller (Jack Irvine) Tom was Danny's best friend. Or was he?

16. Vince Novik (Stephen Louis Grush) An apprentice in Mark's business, Vince is close to the Solano family. What was the extent of his relationship to Danny?

17. Hugo Garcia (Darcy Laurie) The forensic expert has the perfect opportunity to lose evidence and misdirect the investigation. But does he have a motive?

18. Kathy Eaton (Alisen Down) The newspaper editor is the voice of the town. Do her own ambitions lead her to create a new story?

Gracepoint follows events in a small Californian town after a local boy is found murdered on the beach. Detectives Emmett Carver and Ellie Miller (David Tennant and Anna Gunn) lead the hunt for his killer, as around them fear and suspicion grow  and neighbours and former friends turn on one another.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox TV on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm/8c, and on the global Network in Canada at the same time. Its Australia premiere is Friday 3rd October at 8.30pm. A UK date is still to be confirmed.