VIDEO: SUSPECT EVERYONE! Fox Wants Your Vote On Who Killed Danny Solano

If you're a fan of murder mysteries and love trying to solve them before the on-screen detectives, Fox TV have a treat for you. When the exciting new murder mystery Gracepoint, premieres this Thursday, there's a way that you can join in the detective work too along with the stars David Tennant and Anna Gunn.

The ten-part event series follows the hunt for the killer of twelve-year old Danny Solano, whose lifeless body is found on the beach near the Californian town of Gracepoint. Feuding detectives Emmett Carver (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) join forces to solve the crime in a town where everyone is a suspect.

Now, Fox want you to be part of the action and become an armchair detective. By visiting you can join in the fun with other fans, analysing the clues, posting your theories and voting for your suspect. And you can vote as many times as you want, so it's OK to change your mind when new evidence arrives.

Watch a clip below explaining more about this interactive experience.

Gracepoint explores the impact on a small coastal town when a young boy is found murdered. Based on the UK series Broadchurch (also starring David Tennant in a similar role), the drama not only follows the murder investigation but also looks at the effects of grief and suspicion on the various residents of Gracepoint. For fans of Broadchurch there's reassurance as Gracepoint has its own plot twists and a different killer.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox in the USA and Global in Canada on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm ET.