VIDEO: Gracepoint - Jacki Weaver On Susan: "An Air Of Something Sinister About Her"

Academy award nominated actor Jacki Weaver presents her character in Gracepoint, Susan Wright, in a new clip posted by Fox TV. Gracepoint, the American remake of the UK series Broadchurch premieres on Fox on Thursday 2nd October.

Susan is an unlikeable character: odd looking, a misfit and apparently up to no good. New to town, she lives alone, with only her dog for company, in a trailer. In a small close community such as the village of Gracepoint, she immediately draws suspicion. The character was originally played by Pauline Quirke in Broadchurch.

"She could be harmless, or she also has an air of something sinister about her," says the Australian star about Susan, "And she can be quite unpleasant, so she's a very odd character. She is just totally mysterious and a little scary."

Watch the clip here (plays worldwide):

Gracepoint follows life in a small Californian coastal town after a local boy, Danny Solano, is discovered murdered on the beach. Leading the investigation into Danny's death is Det. Emmett Carver (David Tennant, reprising his role in Broadchurch), a new arrival in town, who is joined by local detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn). The cast also includes Nick Nolte, Michael Peña, Virginia Kull and Sarah-Jane Potts. Although starting off identically to Broadchurch, the producers state that Gracepoint will introduce its own suspects and twists and will end differently.

To find out if the police and community are right to be suspicious of Susan Wright, watch Gracepoint on Fox from Thursday 2nd October at 9pm/8c. The series also premieres on the Global Network in Canada at the same date and time, and on the Univeral Channel on Friday 3rd october. A UK premiere date is expected soon. 

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