VIDEO: David Tennant Teases Alec Hardy Plotline: More Family Details to Be Revealed

David Tennant has hinted that Alec Hardy's back story will be part of the plot of the new series of Broadchurch.

Speaking to Hey U Guys on the red carpet of his new feature film What We Did on Our Holiday last night, David, asked if he would like to know more about the families of other characters he had played, revealed,

"I'm currently finding out quite a lot about Alec Hardy in Broadchurch. But I can't tell you anything about that because it's all embargoed until you see series two."

Pressed further he joked, "Tell you what, switch [the camera] off, I'll tell you the entire plot and then you can post it online and it won't be my fault."

David also spoke about his co-stars Olivia Colman and Anna Gunn who play versions of Ellie Miller in Broadchurch and in its US counterpart Gracepoint. 

"It's a joy working with both of them," he said. "They're both wonderful and very different actresses and very inspiring in very different ways. They're both very talented and that's the bottom line, isn't it? As an actor you're hoping to work with talented people. It helps you to up your game and they both do that to me, so I feel very lucky."

Watch the full clip here:

David's new film What We Did On Our Holiday premiered at the Odeon West End, Leicester Square in London last night to great praise and unanimous audience applause. David attended the event with co-stars Ben Miller, Rosamund Pike, Billie Connolly, Amelia Bullmore, Emilia Jones, Harriet Turnbull and Bobby Smalldridge. The bittersweet comedy follows a family in crisis as they travel to Scotland to celebrate an elderly relative's birthday.

What We Did On Our Holiday opens in cinemas accross the UK and Ireland on Friday 26th September.