VIDEO: David Tennant Talks Exclusively To RTÉ About What We Did On Our Holiday

While filming scenes for the new comedy feature film What We Did On Our Holiday, David Tennant took time out to talk exclusively to Irish broadcasters RTÉ about what drew him to the film, his co-stars and what it was like working with the young actors who play his children.

What We Did On Our Holiday follows a divorcing couple, Doug and Abi McLeod, played by David Tennant and Rosamund Pike, on an eventful trip to Scotland to celebrate the birthday of Doug's father Gordie (Billy Connolly). They're trying to keep their impending split quiet from the rest of the family, but can their three children be trusted to play along?

David says that he was lured towards the film by the prospect of working with Billy Connolly, who he has watched on TV throughout his life.
"He's proper royalty in Scotland - and throughout the world!" he said

Of his on-screen wife Rosamund Pike, he said, "She's a proper actor and movie star. I feel very privileged to be married to her"

He also spoke about the three child actors who played his children:

Harriet Turnbull (Jess): "She has all the freshness and candidness of someone so small. What you get from that is a wonderful reality and freshness that you can't bottle."

Bobby Smalldridge (Mickey): "He's terribly professional. He's 8 going on 42. He's got a great comic timing and a deadpan delivery which would put Jack dee to shame."

Emilia Jones (Lottie): "She has a longer CV than I have, she's been in everything and done everything. She's got a poise about her and a calm and a professional gleam about everything that she does. And she's such a delightful girl."

Of his on-screen family: "They have a great energy between them. I feel terribly proprietorial to them and very proud of them as my children."

Of wanting to work with writers Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin:"They've got a real sense of what's funny and what's touching. I think they've crafted a script that was instantly winning."

Finally, of the film itself he says: "It's clearly a very funny film but it's also got a heart. It's true to family life. It's got a clear sense of what it's like to be in a family in the early part of the 21st Century."

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What We Did On Our Holiday is written and directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, the team behind the BBC's Outnumbered. The film is a co-production between BBC Films and Origin Pictures and is released in cinemas across UK and Ireland on Friday 26th September.