VIDEO: David Tennant Profiles Emmett Carver - Internationally Viewable Clip

TV Grapevine have made David Tennant's profile of his Gracepoint character Emmett Carver, previously only available to US viewers, viewable internationally. The clip is paired with Anna Gunn's profile of Ellie Miller.

David describes Carver as a metropolitan detective who has been moved to the tiny community of Gracepoint on the California coast to keep him out of the spotlight, but who very quickly finds himself thrust into the centre of a a high profile investigation surrounding the murder of a twelve year old boy. Though he's a good policeman, David says, Carver can be officious and grumpy and has his own demons to battle. 

"[He] doesn't suffer fools gladly," David says, "But unfortunately feels rather surrounded by fools as he moves to Gracepoint."

One person who particularly exasperates him is his new partner on the investigation, Ellie Miller, played by Anna Gunn. A working mother, local cop Ellie expects a promotion that is handed to Carver, someone she has never met, and with whom she is expected to work on this most emotional of cases. 

Anna says of Ellie, "She believes very much in the goodness of people and she believes that people have a moral compass."

Watch the profiles and compare and contrast the two lead detectives of Gracepoint here:

Gracepoint is a new ten-part event series produced by FOX TV which explores the impact of the murder of a child on a small community. A remake of the UK drama Broadchurch, Gracepoint sees David Tennant reprise the role of lead investigator into the crime and promises new twists and a new killer. Other cast include Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver and Kevin Zegers.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox at 9pm ET/PT on Thursday 2nd October.


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