PHOTOS: On The Set Of Doctor Who - Last Of The Time Lords #ThrowbackThursday

Today's Throwback Thursday selection is a set of photos taken on set as David Tennant, Freeman Agyeman and John Barrowman filmed the closing scenes of Last Of The Time Lords, the final episode of season 3. The scene, filmed at Cardiff's Roald Dahl Plass in February 2007, saw the Doctor and Martha saying farewell to Captain Jack Harkness, and getting a surprise hint at who the immortal Torchwood agent would eventually become.

Last Of The Time Lords finds the Doctor aged and imprisoned by the Master, and Jack and the family of Martha Jones enslaved. With the human race close to extinction following the invasion of the Toclafane, Martha Jones fulfills her promise to the Doctor to walk the Earth to put together the ultimate weapon to overcome the Master. In the course of her journey she makes a horrifying discovery about the true identity of the deadly Toclafane.

Last Of The Time Lords saw the departure of both Jack and Martha from the TARDIS, although both characters made a return in series 4. The episode ends with the Doctor travelling alone once more, until the TARDIS is struck by the hull of what appears to be the Titantic - leading into the 2007 Christmas episode Voyage Of The Damned.