GRACEPOINT: TV Line Name Virginia Kull As A Fall TV Breakout Star

TV Line have made their selections for the Fall season's TV breakout stars. Among them is Virginia Kull, who plays grieving mother Beth Solano in the new FOX TV drama series Gracepoint. The US remake of ITV's Broadchurch stars David Tennant, reprising his role as the (now American) detective leading the investigation into the murder of Beth's son Danny. Other cast includes Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte and Michael Peña.

TV Line say:
There's no brand of grief that's quite like losing a child, and in her role as despondent mother Beth Solano, Kull paints that portrait with every color. As she maneuvers between mourning her son Danny and determining who could have possibly killed him, Kull makes it easy to root for Beth — and in a cast full of suspicious characters, that's no easy feat.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm/8c. The drama follows the impact on the murder of a child on a small coastal town which finds itself increasingly under the strain of press and police scrutiny. The plot is said to diverge from the original show, Broadchurch, after a few episodes and will have a different ending.

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Source: TV Line