Gracepoint - A Round Up Of The Previews

The new Fox murder mystery series Gracepoint premieres is just three days. When a young boy is murdered in a small town, everyone becomes a suspect. It is down to Detectives Emmett Carver and Ellie Miller (David Tennant and Anna Gunn) to track down the killer. The much anticipated ten-episode event series is a remake of the ITV drama Broadchurch in which David Tennant also starred. The producers have promised new plot twists and a different ending for the brand new audience.

Previews have already started to appear in the press and online across America. Click the links below to read a selection of them.

Review: 'Gracepoint' Succeeds in All the Ways 'The Killing' Failed
“The acting, particularly that of David Tennant, reaches just the right amount of subtlety to get under a viewer’s skin without feeling preachy.”

New York Times
Creating a Role Twice, and in Stereo
“We’re bringing this story to a mass audience and I make no apology for that. I think that’s a good thing. We’re not making it for people who’ve seen ‘Broadchurch,’ really.”

The Baltimore Sun
Why 'Gracepoint' feels almost too good for network TV
“...stacked with the kind of talent you normally see only on cable. And the work here is so good it could help change the way networks do drama in the future.”

Wall Street Journal
An Americanized Remake Worth Revisiting
"Gracepoint seems poignant and complex and even frightening enough to sustain interest all over again.”

Red Carpet Crash
‘Gracepoint’ Is The Murder Mystery Show That TV Has Needed For Years
“a complex and layered mystery that showcases excellent acting and storytelling... the type of TV that networks should aspire for”

The Miami Hurricane
Mini-series reveals big secrets in small town
“heartbreaking and thought-provoking

Rolling Stone
Fall TV Preview 2014: The Good, the Bad & the Gotham
“Tennant sets the tone here with his weary sense of despair”
Read here

GRACEPOINT Will Keep You Guessing
“the format...encourages viewers to create their own theories and play detective alongside Carver and Miller, which makes everyone feel directly involved with solving Danny's murder”

Are You Screening?
Fall TV Schedule 2014
“It’s going to be the biggest thing around when it hits”

Gracepoint premieres on Fox in the USA and on Global in Canada on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm ET.

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